Release Notes of xMarketplace

v4.1 - Oct 2023

What's new - 

  1. NMI Payment Gateway - This update brings in an additional Payment Gateway - NMI, which would be an added advantage to have a backed up gateway if one fails.

  2. Product import plugin - Added a new Wordpress plugin to import all your products for free.

What's fixed - 

  1. Redirection - Redirection to external site is fixed.

  2. Categories - Earlier, creating a category took a bit longer than we expected and that’s fixed to create a category instantly.

v4.0 - Mar 2023

These are the latest release notes for the xMarketplace V4. It is one of our top-selling products, and we want to keep customer loyalty at an all-time high, so making these changes is essential to creating more engagement around xMarketplace. 

What's new - 

  1. Wordpress 6.1.1 - This new update of WordPress will not only introduce new features but also includes loads of improvements to accessibility and performance. You will have access to the latest plugins and compatible themes to enhance the usability of the xMarketplace site.

  2. Automation Tool - Inventory source - Until now , you could only manually import the products from the suppliers inventory , however with the new addition of the Inventory source API we have added, you can now automate the inventory syncing and automated order management. Please reach out to us to know more on the pricing. 

  3. Verotel Payment Gateway -  A new payment gateway integration has been added to meet all forms of payment modes confined in one. 

  4. Elementor Theme - a new elegant theme to enrich the outlook of the platform with wide range of option to personalize to your personal desires

  5. Multi Language Support - With the help of Google translate , users can now change the static languages from the front end as they desire. They can pick the language they wish to see the platform in from a dropdown menu. 

  6. SEO Friendly - Users can now use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize the site with the right META tags and keywords. 

What’s fixed - 

  1. Plugin Compatibility - Some of the plugins had compatibility issues which have now been resolved by upgrading the site to the latest version of Wordpress. 

  2. Payment Gateway Issue - Certain gateways had revised their policies against the selling of Sex toys. The new gateway allows maximum usage of their services as they are completely compliant with this business.