Upcoming Features

We’re on a quest to further enhance the social-media aspect of xFans by integrating the necessary features. This is so that your site becomes a true adult social media platform where a thriving community of fans and models can operate. These clubbed with a plethora of other niceties is what you can expect very soon. If that piques your interest, read on to find more on this.

  1. Commission % in whole numbers: It might sound confusing adding commission values in Integers. we’ll have that sorted by optimising the commission fields to accept whole numbers.

  2. Banner slide speed: When we said we want you to have complete control over all site elements, we weren’t kidding. How about letting you choose the sliding speed of the banners on your site?

  3. Earning report - Worried on accounting ? Hope this feature would help to do so by providing an option to download Earnings Report in CSV and PDF Formats.

  4. Feeds to admin dashboard: Admin will have a quick stats of the feeds in their dashboard.

  5. Starred Models - We are working on to starring models from user account so that they never miss out contents of their profile.

  6. Imperial vs Standard Units: Models don’t have to confuse with the measurements in their Bio. Admin will have an option in their settings to update the Units used in the platform.

  7. Back button in all media content pages: When inside any content page of a model (videos, galleries, or products), to go back to the model profile users either need to use the browser’s back button or have to resort to going all the way back to the homepage and then find the model again. In the next release, there will be on-screen navigation buttons added in all the content pages so users can get to where they want easily.

  8. Video and Image Formats - Application would support WebM, WebP, HEIF video and image format.

  9. Model privacy changes: Instead of showing a “blocked” model tile in the countries a model has chosen to hide her profile in, the model tile will be hidden instead in those countries to further secure the model’s privacy.

  10. Search bar on the email templates page: On the email templates page in the admin panel, you will be soon able to find the template in question sooner using the search bar being integrated. 

  11. Prevent models from subscribing to other models: The subscription buttons will be hidden from a model’s view when visiting other models, which in effect means the platform models will be unable to subscribe to other models.

  12. Wishlist - Let your Users gift what model desires

  13. Real-time chat notifications: In the chat room, the notification dot and the last message preview under usernames will update in real-time instead of updating only when entering or refreshing the chat room.