xCams - Upcoming Features

  1. Earning report - Worried on accounting ? Hope this feature would help to do so by providing an option to download Earnings Report in CSV and PDF Formats.

  2. Video and Image Formats - Application would support WebM, WebP, HEIF video and image format.

  3. Live Streaming Chat Backup: The Backup from live streams would last up to 3 months and After 3 months, chats will be deleted automatically. Admin can search and view chat history by selecting a model name, date and time and can export the chat history in PDF format by querying the model, date and time.

  4. Agreement form: Admin would be able to upload Studio Agreement and Model agreement, that will be available in the Studio and Model registration pages, respectively.

  5. Restrict User: Annoyed by users? Your models can restrict annoying user for hours or till end of the stream. They won’t be unable to chat during the stream.

  6. Renaming the term Models: Call them whatever you wish. There will be an option in the admin panel to change "Models" to some other word throughout the website.

  7. Wishlist - Let your Users gift what model desires