Technical Knowledge Base - xStreamer

General Questions

1. How to configure email

xStreamer provides 2 sections in the Admin settings for email

  • Email tab

    • Admin email: Email address for who will receive notification from system and contact form

    • Sender email: Email address for who will send the email in system

  • SMTP tab

    • Host: enter SMTP host eg

    • Port: SMTP port eg 465

    • Auth user: SMTP username

    • Auth password: SMTP password

    • Secure option: Enable if use port 465


  • You can use format “your name” <email-address> to admin email and sender email. Eg

  • xStreamer provides SMTP method for email only, almost services provide SMTP config, please check with your service and common list in our document.

2. How to add Google analytics code

Go to Admin panel > Settings > System settings > Google Analytics and enter your GA code.

Note: GA code usually is formatted with G-xxxxxxxxxx

3. How to add custom script

Go to Admin panel > Settings > System settings > SEO > Custom. There are 2 section you can enter your custom script

  • Custom header script: website will render this content in the <head> tag

  • Custom body script: website will render this content before </body> tag


  • You can enter your GA script to one of these sections

  • Make sure you entered valid HTML or Javascript script. Otherwise it might break the system

4. How to update or change style

You can change that from Admin > Settings > CSS.

5. How to setup xStreamer payment gateway

xStreamer supports CCBill payment gateway.

a. CCBill

  • Go to Admin > Settings > System settings > CCbill and enter CCBill information in the form

  • CCBill webhook URL: https://[xStreamer-v2-api-domain]/payment/ccbill/callhook (eg

  • Approval URL: redirect link to your website after purchased successfully. You can enter https://[xStreamer-front-office-domain]/payment/success (eg

  • Cancel URL: Redirect link after user cancelled or purchased unsuccessfully. You can enter https://[xstreamer-front-office-domain] (eg

  • Check for CCBill setup here

b. Other Payment Gateways

Please contact us for custom requirements.

Go to Admin panel > FE Menu. Here you can see the list and create or update existing menu.

xStreamer provides only option to change footer menu for now

  • From system page: FE will reload custom script file if it is system url. if enable you can select list of static pages too

  • Is new tab: open link in a new tab once clicking on

  • Title: menu text

  • Path: link to the page (you can enter full url here if it is not system page)

  • Section: where we will show the menu

  • Ordering: enter sort number of menu item in the list

7. SMTP common list and setup


  • Host:

  • Port: 465 / 587

  • Auth user: the string apikey. This setting is the exact string "apikey" and not the API key itself.

  • Auth password: your Sendgrid API key eg: SG.xxxxx


M3 service

  • Host: m3 host url eg

  • Port: 587

  • Auth user: email username account or M3 FTP master account

  • Auth password: your email password or M3 FTP master password

8. Banners and Logo sizes:

  • Logo: 362 x 63 (4:1)

  • Favicon: 75 x 75 (1:1)

  • Signup Placeholder: 600 x 600

  • Home page banner : 1600 x 400 pixels

  • Footer banner : 300 x 300 pixels

  • Video Detail Page banner : 300 x 300 pixels

  • Under Trending banner : 1500 x 300 pixels

  • Under New Video banner : 1500 x 300 pixels

  • Under Video Player banner : 1500 x 300 pixels