Release Notes - xStreamer

V 7 - Mar 2024

What’s New


  1. Admin panel menu: The admin panel is where you’ll be spending most of the time when you're managing the site. We want it to not only be the best in usability and intuitiveness, but also feel polished. That is why, We developed floating sub-menu panes that removes the need for vertical scrolling in the main menu bar and improves navigation. Main menu items also has distinct-looking icons for easy visual association.

  2. Post categories: Introducing our newly developed Post category menu, to categorise the footer posts, designed to streamline navigation and enhance user experience!

  3. Meta Tags: Now site verification made simpler. Never worry with the code provided by advertisement or video affiliate to verify your website with them. Just paste the JSON file or Script code provided by affiliate in the custom script from your admin panel and this piece of code will be added to the root of the domain and hence your site will be verified instantly.

  4. Preview existing videos from Admin: You don’t have to get to the Front end to know which video is imported to the site, anymore. You can now preview the video from Admin panel’s Existing videos menu and have an action on them.

    You know what the big cheese is ?
    Once Previewed, You can simply tap to approve your user uploaded content.

  5. Google Tag Manager: The way Google Tag Manager works is that you add snippets of code directly into your website and it can modify in its entirety. This means you can modify the way you collect information, which, consequently, allows you to modify the insights you need.

  6. SMTP - Automated emails setup : Let your users notified with the site updates with an instant email. This feature allows you to easily configure email settings for automated email delivery. Now, Setup your SMTP details in the admin panel and edit the email template of your wish, sit back and relax.
    Platform will send automated emails on behalf of you.

UI, UX & Design enhancements


  1. Design enhancement: This is a big one! The visuals of the site is entirely enhanced to make the design more sexier, with a classy finishing of menus, thumbnail and pages.

  2. Manage Subscriptions: The way you manage a subscription is enhanced. Now, you can detailed info on the Payment gateway used, Status, Type, Transaction ID etc.

  3. Manage Transactions: Accounting made simple. Either it's verifying payments, or analyzing transaction patterns, this feature equips to manage finances effectively with detailed information of the Transactions made in the platform with the transaction ID, Transaction number, Type, Time and Date and so on.

  4. Multi language: With this update, we've expanded our language offerings and refined our translation methods to deliver more precise and culturally relevant content in multiple languages.

  5. Payment setup - CCBill: This enhancement not only reduces the complexity of payment gateway setup but also ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of our new payment gateway setup option, and unlock the full potential of your online payment capabilities.

What’s Fixed


  1. Dark/light theme: We had fixed the bugs in switching themes. With just a click, you can toggle between themes, offering improved readability, reduced eye strain, and a more personalized browsing environment.

  2. Video Settings: we've addressed and fixed various issues within our video settings, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience when configuring video preferences

  3. Contact form: With the fixes in contact form, users can now submit inquiries, feedback, and support requests through the contact form with confidence, knowing that their messages will be delivered promptly and accurately

  4. Video upload: We resolved the underlying issues that were impacting our video upload process.