xStreamer v6.0


v6.0 Release Notes / May '22


We’ve got some big and exciting changes in store with this release. From features that can boost your revenue multi-folds, discreet stuff that improves user experience, to handful of enhancements and bug fixes, we have spared no effort in making this a solid release. Read on to know more.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. New Affiliate Partner Integrations: We have integrated even more popular partners on xStreamer so that you are never lacking on the amount of videos you can bring to your site daily. Import using CSV files downloaded from the following newly added partners - Tube Corporate and Webmaster (Nuvid, IcePorn, GotProfits, VIPTube, and DrTuber)

  2. Customizable Homepage Showcase: We know we all would prefer not being confined to set boundaries and design. This is why the homepage is now customizable with different video sections which you can add/remove as well as re-organize the sequence of. These are - Currently Trending, Videos being watched now, and Recently Added. You can turn any of these off as well as arrange in a particular order on the homepage. There’s “View more” button at the end of each to check out more videos from each section.

  3. Enable/disable video statistics and comments: Moving on with our quest you give you control over your site, now you can turn on/off video statistics like view count, and rating for videos which are visible to users. As well as, turning on/off comments under videos too.

  4. Header link scrolling speed: Here’s one more to give you control over how your site content is presented and consumed by its users. The speed in the which the header text links scroll by can now be customized. What’s more? You can can set different delays for different text ads, so that short and longer text ads can get appropriate screen times.

  5. Header link sequence: You can also set the order in which the header links created appear on your homepage, before cycling back.

✨ What’s improved?

  1. Re-ordering photos within Pornstar profile: Within a pornstar profile, you can now set sequence for the images so that they appear to users in the order they are given.

  2. Blocked users: Blocked users, if already logged in will get logged out immediately, instead of only preventing them from logging in again.

  3. Calendar input for DOB: There’s now a calendar selection for inputting birthdates in the user profile.

  4. Default results per page value: We have added defaults for results per page option in all pages.

  5. Custom thumbnail for videos: You can set custom thumbnails for both partner and self-uploaded videos.

  6. Added Gender: Added Trans as a Gender when signing up or later when editing one’s profile.

  7. Navigation buttons while viewing photos: Added arrow keys for browsing photos within an album in full screen mode.

  8. Show password: The admin login page now has a view password button.

  9. Re-enter password: When trying to reset account password, now the admin needs to enter new password twice.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Duplicate Categories: It was possible to create categories of the same name. This has been rectified now so that a second category of the same name cannot be created.

  2. Avatar for new users: When creating user accounts from the backend, the avatar was not being saved. This is fixed now.

  3. Bulk Upload issue: Bulk uploads were failing. This has been rectified.

  4. Stray word in the Header link: The word “scene” was getting appended automatically on all header links. This has been removed now.

  5. Tags: Fixed the issue of tag dropdown that wasn’t functioning when editing/adding a video.

  6. Unable to dislike a video: Once liked, it was not possible to dislike the same video. This is sorted.

  7. Importing from sites under Tube Corporate: There was an issue when with sourcing videos from seven sites under the Tube Corporate network. This is resolved now, and all sites under Tube Corporate can be used to import videos from.

  8. Email Verification during registration: System was not triggering verification emails to newly signed up users. Fixed.

  9. New user signup error: When registering, new users will see an error, but account used to get created on the backend. Users can register without any issue now.

  10. Site language: Resolved the issue with the site language which used to fallback to English from other languages when clicking on the search box.

  11. Missing Save Button: An option to save was missing when editing a user profile. This has been added back.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. When adding a video category: Once a video category is added, it used to jump to the page with list of all categories. Now, it will remain on the page where you can add new categories.

📏 UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. Sorting the analytics data: There’s the ascending/descending sorting option for all tables in the Analytics page.

  2. Vertical Menu Scrollbar: Scrollbar to contain the length of the vertical menu on the admin panel

  3. Checkboxes in the Category Management page: Aligned and re-sized for better usability

  4. User registration modal window: Some aesthetic changes made to the signup modal window

  5. Delete buttons: All delete buttons have been colored red from their earlier orange.

  6. Dropdown under username: The profile/account options for a user used used to appear on clicking the username. This maybe a little inconspicuous and confusing to a user. Hence, these options now also appear on hovering over the username as well.

🔨 The little things…

  1. Added a text to convey the recommended image size in the new/edit category pages.

  2. Added error message for users of deleted account when trying to login.

  3. The confirmation message seen when adding video has been changed for grammar.

  4. Added an error message when trying to upload videos without selecting a video first.

  5. Rephrased the confirmation message seen when deleting a channel for grammatical correctness.

  6. Cleaned up some stray design elements in the Advertising Management page.

  7. When trying to login without entering a password, there is now an error message added to notify users.

  8. Rephrased the field name “Username” in the login window with “Email” as users can login only using email.

  9. In the Channel Management page, buttons renamed and error/confirmation messages rephrased for clarity.

  10. The Home button seen in the admin panel on top-right has been renamed to Go to site to make its function more obvious.

  11. Added a message on page when filtering channels using alphabets and there’s no channel starting with the respective letter.

  12. Under the user settings, the “My Channel Subscription” menu has been renamed to “Channels subscribed”.

  13. Added a confirmation message when a user tries to unsubscribe from a channel.

  14. In User password management, the name of the three fields have been changed to Current password, New password, and Confirm new password to make it evident for the user.