xFans v2.1.7

v2.1.7 Release Notes / Mar '22


2.1.7 is a result of digging deep and finding designs that just didn't feel right and functionalities that could have been better. We gathered over a hundred of these little things and knocked them up one by one.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Customize contact page content: Now you can personalize the message seen on the contact page. You can leave a quick note to those trying to reach you, models and fans alike, like TAT for enquiries, questions that will be or won’t be entertained, other expectations, or anything you'd like.

  2. The Back Button: On all the media content pages, there is now a back button on the top-left corner. Navigating to previous pages is now simpler with on-screen controls.

  3. Search among email templates: With an ever-growing use cases for different triggers for emails, we’ve added a search feature so you can get to the one you need quicker.

  4. Subscription link inside chat room: Inside a chat conversation with a model who’s user subscription has expired or not renewed, users will now find the monthly and yearly subscription buttons from where they can quickly jump to and subscribe.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Last updated timestamp in email templates page: The edited timestamp was not being captured. This is fixed now.

  2. Registering using an existing email: It was possible to register using an email already existing in the system. This issue has been sorted now.

  3. Broken Signup link: Fixed the issue of the registration link on the footer menu being dysfunctional.

  4. Incorrect Model Statistics: The statistics seen on the banner within the model profiles was showing inaccurate numbers for total number of galleries, videos, and subscribers. We’ve corrected it now.

  5. Model online indicator: There was a delay with which the online/offline status indicator would update. This is fixed now.

  6. Sexual Orientation Attributes: The attributes for the sexual orientation detail under model profile was incorrectly showing gender. This has been fixed to have the following choices instead - Heterosexual, Homosexual, and Bisexual.

✨ What’s improved?

  1. Removed buy buttons for scheduled videos: For a subscriber who’s checking out a video set for future release, the buy button was still showing up. We’ve removed this, repositioned the player to the middle of the screen and also added a message to wishlist the video.

  2. Reset filter in geo-blocking page: Added a reset filter that will clear out any entered search result in the country blocking page.

  3. Complete model privacy: A model who has opted to restrict her profile from showing to users from specific countries was still displaying on the homepage. Only when trying to access that profile would users see that profile is not available for viewing. Instead, we have made it so that the profile will not show up among other model tiles on the homepage.

  4. Toast notification for guest users: When a guest user tries to subscribe or view content, we’ve added a notification directing to register or sign in. Other similar notifications will also show up when the guest user tries to purchase products or view a gallery.

  5. Validation checkmarks in login page: The validation marks on the login page have been made to appear after three characters in case of username and eight characters in case of password.

  6. Separate tabs for payment gateways: We have added the CCBill and Verotel tabs separately in the admin control panel for easy navigation between them instead of having to scroll endlessly to find the settings.

  7. The Apply Coupon Button: Once a coupon is applied, the same button will now change to “Remove Coupon” to allow users to remove the same.

  8. Password confirm option for admin: Admin will now need to enter password twice when updating the same for admin account.

  9. User Subscription Page: The data reported in the user subscription log has been slightly tweaked to add missing ones, modify existing columns, and remove the unhelpful columns.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Reporting content in case of guest users: Guest users will no longer be able to report content for possible violations.

  2. Default sorting in email templates page: The list in this page will now be sorted using the ‘last update’ column.

  3. Restricted access for models to view or subscribe: Models will no longer be able to view content of other models nor subscribe to them. They can still access other model’s profile page and check out their content on offer.

  4. New model registration button removed: The new model registration button that shows up even for registered models has been removed.

  5. Names for different content types: The names for different types of content, like videos, PPV, galleries and products that used to show up on top of their respective pages have been removed since the icons are self-explanatory. (Although help text have been added that appear on hovering over the concerned icons)

  6. Hide self profile for models from homepage: A logged in model will not be able to see her own profile on homepage. They can still use the “My Profile” option in their dashboard to see how their profile appears to the users.

  7. Restricted gallery access for Non-subscribed users: Although the images within a gallery used to be blurred for non-subscribers, it has ben changed so that when trying to access a gallery itself will redirect to login/register page.

  8. Top Models: The top models section has ben removed from model view.

📏 UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. Color of the video overlay text: Changed the color of the text that appears on top of PPV as well as all videos in case of a non-subscriber for better contrast. This will also show up for

  2. Subscription buttons: The monthly and yearly subscription buttons have been redesigned for the sake for better aesthetics, usage of space and just all-around appeal.

  3. Reported content video player size: The player in which admin would playback and review a reported video was skewed and going beyond the page. This will now remain aligned and confined within.

  4. Stretched thumbnails: Inside the wishlist and favorite videos, the thumbnails would stretch in case of portrait images. Now these will be all of the same size with black borders of required girth to compensate for the actual aspect ratio of the content.

  5. Price font: The font size of the product prices have been increased by two points.

  6. New PPV Icon: There’s a new icon for premium content to keep inline with the other aesthetics on the site.

  7. Moved the enable/disable toggle positions for both payment gateways in the admin panel

  8. Online/Offline Indicator: Increased the size of the indicator and also the online indicator pulsates now

  9. Disabling ‘Apply Coupon’ Button: This button will remain inactive until and unless a coupon code is entered.

  10. Cookie Modal design: The design the cookie popup at the start of a new user session has been slightly tweaked.

  11. Gallery and Play Icon Colors: These icons have ben changed to white for a better contrast.

🔨 The little things…

  1. Renamed the fan registration page title

  2. Rephrased/renamed a few menu items -

    1. “Reports” to “Violations Reported” in admin panel for clarity

    2. “Black List” to “Blacklist” in model dashboard to fix typo

    3. “My Favorite” to “My Favorites” in the user dashboard for grammar

    4. Changed to “Favorite Videos” and “My Wishlist” in user dashboard

    5. “Block Country” menu in admin panel has been changed to “Site Privacy”

  3. Changed/rephrased the toast/confirmation notification messages for the following -

    1. Error message when user enters incorrect email in the forgot password page

    2. Success message on sending email for password reset

    3. Error message when entering an incorrect (or short) password while attempting to log in

    4. Message seen by users when successfully reporting a content for violation

    5. Confirmation message when admin is attempting to delete a reported content

    6. Message seen by a user when trying to initiate conversation with a non-subscribed model

    7. Notification seen when a token is applied successfully at checkout

    8. Confirmation message seen by users when submitting a request through contact form

    9. When trying to add products under a new model when there are products from other model in the cart already

    10. Success message when adding an item to cart

    11. When a user tries to cancel the admin-created subscription and the ones self-bought

    12. Confirmation/email verification instruction during new signups

  4. Interchanged the menu and sub-menu names for may of the controls in the admin control panel for the purpose of clarity and easy understanding of the functions they represent

  5. Changed a few column names in email templates page from “#” to “Actions” and also “Last update” to “Last updated”

  6. Rephrased help text when passwords entered twice during registration do not match

  7. Change the placeholder and help texts seen in the model password reset page

  8. Added help texts on top of the payment channel info pages for models

  9. Changed the chat room text when there are no conversations present or none is selected. Users and models will see different things now.

  10. The menu in the top bar ‘Model’ has been renamed to “Models”

  11. Changed the text seen on an upcoming video page to something better

  12. Button renamed from “Sign Up” to “Sign up”

  13. Changed the message seen by a user who belongs to one of the countries that the admin has blocked access to.

  14. Rephrased the button/field names and help text for the below options in the control panel -

    1. Email verification switch

    2. Cookie policy toggle

    3. Cookie policy content dropdown

    4. Age disclaimer switch

    5. Admin and sender settings in the email configuration page

    6. Google Analytics field

    7. Checkout button

    8. User and Model benefits fields and the help texts under them

  15. A new 404 message has been added to show up on all pages that do not exist or have expired.