xFans v2.1.6

v2.1.6 Release Notes / Dec '21

On our road to making xFans the best fan subscription product out there, we have made changes in strides this time. Improvements small and big, bugs trivial and critical, enhancements minor and mighty, this release has them all. Please read on to find more.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Static menu: Static menu bars are, in a sense, like a “lighthouse” for the users. No matter which page they are on or how far down they have scrolled to, the top menu bar is their pal; always available for quick navigation and prevents the feeling of being lost. The experience of the ease of moving around your site is crucial yet invisible when done right. With this, everything will be within the user’s reach.

  2. Report videos: To keep up with the newly placed regulations laid out by the VISA and Mastercard processors to curb illegal/unlawful content on porn sites, xFans now has the option to report videos on the site. A user can report any video by choosing the appropriate category of violation. This video will get logged in the reported videos section of the admin panel. Admin can then review the content and either delete the same or reject the claim based on its merit. If deleted, the concerned model will receive an email notification for the same.

  3. Easy access to store: Until now, the store products could only be found under the individual model’s store page within their profiles. We wanted to bring this to the forefront on the homepage. Hence shopping for adult toys is always within the reach of the users. However, the model-specific store products will still be available within their profiles. But the global store page will feature all the products under one umbrella. 

  4. Product categories: Categories help users reach the products they are looking for quicker. They help the site admin categorize their inventory and make it available for browsing in an organized manner on the site. As the admin, now you can create different categories products can be listed in, and either you or the models will be able to tag one or more categories to the products while listing them. Users can use filters to narrow down on what they are looking for.

  5. The 18+ disclaimer: Site users will see the 18+ disclaimer at the beginning of every session. As the admin, you can control the content of this disclaimer as well as turn it on/off from the control panel.

  6. Functional video tags: Now the tags associated with videos will help your viewers discover more of the content they like. Tags under videos can be clicked to show videos with similar tags in a search result page. Easy discoverability is vital and makes users love your site more.

  7. Changes in the geographical blocking settings: There is now a dynamic search box in the block countries control in the admin panel. This will help find the concerned country quicker and avoid endless scrolling and squinting of the eyes to locate the country :)

  8. Gallery comments: Having a palace to express views and opinions heightens user engagement. That’s why model galleries now have a comment section where fans can voice themselves out.

  9. Gallery like/dislike and view count: Gallery section also comes with a like/dislike button along with a counter for the same. And there’s a gallery view count too.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Missing flags: The flags missing when editing a model’s country from backend or in the geographical blocking feature have been added back.

  2. Gray borders around product images: The cause for unpleasant-looking borders that was presenting itself around some of the product images has been identified and terminated.

  3. Missing Wishlist and favorite videos: Users weren’t able to view the wishlisted or favorited videos. This has been rectified.

  4. Partial gallery drop-down: In mobile view, models could only see in part the gallery drop-down menu under gallery editing options. This is corrected now.

  5. Upcoming video purchases: Users were able to purchase videos scheduled for a future release ahead of its time. This is rectified so that an upcoming video can only be purchased on/after the actual date of release.

  6. Stock quantity update: When purchasing a product, the stock quantity will now auto-update to reflect the actual pending stock and not stay the same.

  7. 404 error when updating country: After the last update, models used to encounter an error when updating their country in the profile. This stands fixed now.

  8. Incorrect cart items: Carts of all the users were showing the same products. This has been corrected now. 

  9. Cancelling user subscription: When cancelling their subscription to any model, users would see the changes only after a page refresh. This has been made to update in real-time now. 

  10. Missing placeholder image on the document page: On the model end, added a placeholder image on the document upload page.

  11. Online notification for models: The green dot notification on model tiles wasn’t working before. It’s been corrected now.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Message button for non-subscribers: Earlier, only subscribers of a model can see the Message button inside the model profile. Now even fans who aren’t subscribed to a model will see this button. However, when trying to initiate a chat, they will simply be requested to subscribe to that model first.

  2. ID update for already verified account: Models now can’t update new documents for the profile where the admin has already verified the previously submitted documents. The documents last submitted will be visible for the model to view, but to share any updated documents, the model will need to contact admin from the contact page.

  3. Admin menu options: Most of the menu options under the admin control panel have been changed or rephrased for reducing ambiguity and increasing clarity.

📏 UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. New product page design: Little design and alignment issues fixed on the product edit page under model dashboard.

  2. Block country toggle: The checkbox that was present with which admin had to block a country was a little ambiguous and didn’t make it obvious whether it was blocked or unblocked. This has been replaced with a slider switch.

  3. VOD icon: The icon for PPV videos seen on the model profiles has been changed to differentiate it from the icon for free-for-subscriber videos.

🔨 The little things…

  1. Spelling corrections on the new fan subscription popup and rephrased toast messages of the cart checkout page.

  2. The country field is now mandatory during a user signup.

  3. The default sorting for the list of users and performers in the admin panel has been with the last updated date.

  4. The help text under the email verification switch in the admin panel has been changed for clarity.

  5. The breadcrumb in the admin panel on the galleries, videos, and product pages have been fixed.