xScorts v2.0.1

v2.0.1 Release Notes / Nov '21


This release consists mainly of added basic functionalities as well as a series of important bug fixes.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Creating and managing model profiles from backend: Admin can create new and edit existing model profiles from the admin panel. There’s a search function integrated at the top of the list to help find the model in concern easily.

  2. USD and EUR: Escorts can now choose between EUR and USD for their service charges.

  3. Booking Flow: We’ve simplified the booking process with intuitive controls and notifications. During booking, users will be able to see the availability schedule for the concerned escort from which they can choose the preferred date and time. After booking, other than the booking history page, models are informed of the booking from the notification panel as well. From here, they can conveniently initiate chat with the user as well as Accept/Reject bookings.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Phantom errors in the login page: The random error notification seen when entering username in the signin page has been take care of.

  2. Email notification for new registrations: Notifications for email verification was missing for new users. This has been rectified now.

  3. Broken Registration Button: New signup button was broken. Fixed now.

  4. Missing escort profile attributes: Some of the escort attributes were missing on the front end. This has been rectified.

  5. 404 on photos: Fixed the problem of user not being able to view photos in full screen mode.

  6. Footer Menu Controls: Controls such as opening in a new tab and icon type weren’t functional.

  7. Dysfunctional Filters: The filters on homepage were on a break. They've come back to work now.

  8. Contact page message: Contact page form did not take in any entered message. This is corrected now.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Negative prices: It was possible to set different service charges in the negative. This has been changed so system dos not accept negative values anymore.

  2. Remove price for services not offered: If model selects any service as “Not offered” the price box will go inactive now.

  3. Tattoo details not mandatory: The tattoo field has been made non-mandatory during registration.

✨ What’s improved?

  1. Notification when not agreeing to terms: If escort misses to check the T&C checkbox during registration, a popup message will remind of the same.

  2. Model Registration Button: Added model signup at the bottom of the login page.

📏 UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. The vanishing header menu: : The top navigation bar would disappear on every refresh. Fixed now.

  2. User Avatar: Ratio for avatar corrected to look proper.

🔨 The little things…

  1. Corrected a few typos on the homepage