Upcoming Features - xStreamer

There’s always room for improvement. That is why we are always looking for the next thing to improve upon or the new addition to bring to xStreamer. These changes, big or small, are geared towards adding new feature sets, giving you more control over the site, clean and modern user experiences, and last but not the least, aesthetic improvements. 

Read on to find what we are working on and Stay tuned for an even more seamless browsing experience!

  1. New video partners: We are planning to add a handful of new partners where you can source new videos from (Traffic factory, eporner, spankbang, webmaster, and more). With so many partner options integrated, adding content for your users to consume will be easier than ever.

  2. Age Disclaimer: We are adding an Age disclaimer popup, with which your users have to confirm if they are 18+ even before getting into site.

  3. Organising photos in a gallery: A gallery to be created to organise the photos and can be set up to show in a particular sequence.

  4. CSV Logs: Get to know the CSV files that you have uploaded back in time with the log history of uploaded CSVs.

  5. Purchased videos tab: Once the Pay per Video is purchased, that will be added to the purchased videos tab for easy navigation.

  6. Cookie Policy: Collect consent from your users by adding the purpose that you are collecting it. This will be shown as a popup when someone opens a site and by this way it ensures user’s compliance with data protection regulations while offering users greater control over their online experience. With this addition, you can aim to prioritise transparency and user consent, fostering trust and confidence in your website.