Version Release Notes for xCams

v3.3.0 - Currently working

We are now working on the tech stack updates and library updates - stay tuned, we’ll make sure that the software tech stack is upto date.

v3.2.3 - Aug 2023 


  • We have enhanced the UI for Live streaming page, for better user experience

  • Fixed some streaming issues

  • Change video convert command by using spawn

v3.2.1 - Mar 2023 

What’s New?

  1. Popup Messages - Now the popup messages will show based on the users account balance. (Example - When a user with no balance try to buy content from a models, the popup appears with a custom message saying “Your Balance is Low”)

  2. Live Stream Option - Models will get the “Live” option only after admin verifies the model accounts. “Live” options will appear in the header menu.

  3. Signup Changes - Models & Users have to agree to the website’s terms & conditions and privacy policy while registering the account.

  4. Contact Form - Now admin can easily edit the contact form texts from admin settings.

  5. VIP Models search - We added new search filter to sort VIP models of your website.

What’s Fixed?

  1. User & Model Menu - Header menu items in models and users has been fixed.

  2. Text Editor - Admin was unable to save the text posts. It has been fixed now.

  3. SEO Fixes - SEO issues in xCams have been fixed now.

    1. Added OG title and description.

    2. Canonical URL has been added

    3. Meta description can be easily edited using admin backend

    4. Created a separate section for a meta title on homepage to improve SEO performance.

    5. Meta tags can be easily created for category pages.

    6. Meta tags for performers are automated.

What’s changed ?
1. Live streaming - Live streaming layout is enhanced for user and model end in mobile view

  1. Tags - Model Tags showcase is updated for a better User experience.

v3.2.0 - Aug 2022

What’s Fixed?

  1. Payout - Popup error after submitting the payouts has been fixed.

  2. Model Profile - “Changes saved” notification message was not showing after the model completes editing her profile and clicking “Save Changes” this issue has been fixed.

  3. Schedule - Models were unable to save the schedule changes under their profile. This issue has been fixed now.

  4. Popup error & private streaming issue has been fixed.

  5. Unnecessary texts are showing in the admin backend while loading. It has been fixed now

  6. The Delivery Status filter issue for Model orders is fixed.

  7. Model Earnings Dashboard - Bugs in date filter and Status field are fixed.

  8. Notifications - Notifications are showing even after the user reads it. It has been fixed.

  9. Studio Dashboard - Error shown while uploading “Studio Certificate” under studio settings has been fixed.

  10. Admin Payouts - Issues in the admin payout page have been solved.

  11. Admin Earnings - Bugs in the admin earnings page have been solved.

  12. Menu - Issues in the menu (Status filters, text changes) are fixed now.

v3.0.9 - Dec 2021

 This list may have a small stature, but the changes it brings to the table isn’t. We’ve added a small bundle of logical changes to the script. Things that we could probably live with, but are better when fixed - it’s all taken care of. 

What’s new?

  1. Contact page: A spanking new contact page has been added where both models and site users can contact the admin from. This will need them to enter their name and contact email and the concern, after which an email gets sent to the mailbox setup by the admin in the control panel.  

What’s fixed?

  1. User password reset from backend: Existing password field was accepting random entries when resetting user password from the admin panel. This has been set straight now.

  2. Error message before admin approval: After registration, when a model profile is being vetted by admin, if the model tries to login the error message that shows up has been rephrased for accuracy.

  3. Live token updates: At the models end, the accumulated token counter at the top bar would need  page refresh to show the latest count. This has been tweaked to update in real time. 

What’s changed?

  1. Control panel options: The menu options in the admin control panel have been rephrased for improving clarity.

  2. Categories in multiple columns: The categories on the top menu used to show up in a one single long column. For a better reach, it has been split into four.

  3. Payout request shortcut: Apart from under the profile settings, models can now reach the payout request page by simply clicking the token button at the top menu bar that displays the earned tokens.

Enter new password twice: Admin will need to enter the new password twice when resetting his own password. This will help in avoiding getting locked out of the account due to mistypes.

v3.0.8 - Nov 2021

In our constant endeavour to polish an upgrade xCams, we have a small bucketful of fixes and features in this release. Read on to find more.

What’s new?

  1. Revamped Admin, Model and Studio earnings page: All things said and done, the revenue/earnings is the bottomline for any business. That is why we wanted to keep the Earnings log as simple and transparent as possible for all entities of the platform. 

The earnings page for admin, model and studio have been simplified for easy understanding. Data hasn’t been added, as much as ironed out, re-ordered and displayed more sensibly now. Apart from the bare essentials, like reference, user, model, token quantity, and date, you will find conversion rate, studio/model commission, and payout status.

  1. Toast notification when model exits the stream: We have added a toast notification when a model exits a room.

  2. Error message when uploading videos: When a model uploads a video with size greater than the accepted limit, an error message will now advise on this. 

What’s fixed?

  1. Thumbnail for purchased videos: Thumbnails for some of the purchased videos were not being displayed. This is fixed now.

  2. Commas and decimals in token value interchanged: Earlier, token quantities were appearing with commas and decimals interchanged. This has been corrected. 

  3. Private chat-related fixes: The streaming had an elongated aspect ratio before. It looks proper now. Also, when the user popped out the mini-window, the black placeholder remained in its place in the main window. We have pried this out now so there is no such empty lack region obscuring your stream.

  4. Chat window horizontal scrolling: When there is a long user message involved, the corresponding chat bubble did not wrap the text and instead was running off horizontally creating a horizontal scroll. This has been corrected by letting such chat messages auto-wrap its content. 

  5. Region of chat window: The conversation window was only covering the top half of its region making it difficult to read messages with ease. After this release, it uses the full allocated region.

  6. Model profile image: The model profile image as seen in the profile settings had some overlapping text and other elements of the page. We got our broom to clean the area up and have properly aligned things with the help of a ruler this time.

  7. Missing older chat messages: When scrolling higher up the chat window, older messages weren’t loading. This is fixed now. 

What’s changed?

  1. Long message previews: When the last message (or the last unread message) is long, the preview shown next to each user has been cut short with ellipsis at the end, to keep it looking clean.

  2. Tipping offline models: Users won’t be able to tip offline models anymore.

v3.0.7 - Oct 2021

The latest release of xCams brings with it a series of feature enhancements, bug fixes, and an overall improved user experience. 

What’s new?

  1. reCAPTCHA integration: Experience increased security against spam attacks by bots. With the integration of reCAPTCHA, your website will be less vulnerable to automated account creations and web requests that may increase the load or potentially cripple the server. This is embedded into both Register as well as sign-in pages (user, model and studio). As the Administrator, you have the option to enable/disable this with the flick of a switch. 

  2. Model Live Streaming controls: Added full-screen and theater mode toggle. Also, there is a Picture-in-Picture option allowing users to switch to different windows and apps while also being able to view the stream pinned to a corner of the screen.

  3. Accepting private call request: Other than the notification panel, Models can now also accept any private call request by clicking on the (briefly-appearing) popup notification.

  4. Usernames in Group chat: Usernames can be now seen corresponding to each message in Group chats.

  5. Filter model-specific payout requests: Admin can now search for payout requests by a specific model using the new filter (This is in addition to the existing payout status and start and end date filters).

  6. URL for user email redirection: Set the URL for using in any communication emails to the users.

What’s fixed?

  1. Alignment in Private chat: Speech bubble alignment in private chats, which was moving to the left-end of the chat window after a few minutes, has now been fixed.

  2. Model complete amount payout request: Models were unable to request payout for the total balance in their account. This is fixed now.

  3. Negative token balance for Users: Admin was able to modify User token balance into negative. The lower possible limit has now been set to zero tokens.

  4. Earnings page navigation: The jump-to-page dropdown used for navigating Earnings page has been fixed.

  5. Default tip amount: The default tipping amount was 1 token although 20 tokens are selected as default. This has been set to 20 now. (User can still change tipping amount as low as 1 token)

  6. Group chat issues: 

    1. During the group chat session, messages were not appearing at the user-end unless the page was refreshed. This has been fixed.

    2. After the previous release, the user tab stopped showing users who have joined the group session. 

  7. Purchased gallery inaccessible: Fixed gallery access issue that users faced at times.

  8. Additional tipping buttons: Redundant buttons removed from live, private and group chats.

  9. HTML Editor Error at Admin end: The 404 error faced when uploading any media content in the HTML editor has been resolved. Media content can now be uploaded to sections like Static pages, Email templates, and footer content.

  10. Footer Menu ordering: Numbering fixed for setting the order for homepage footer menu

  11. Mute/unmute during group chat: Mute/unmute option for group chat has been fixed.

  12. Delivery status for Orders: The Delivery status column under Orders was empty. Current statuses: Processing/Shipping/Delivered/Refunded for physical orders and Created for token purchase orders.

  13. Favorite button for already favorited models: The favorite button was not updating for already favorited models. This will instead now show an option to unlike if the particular model was already added to the favorite list.

  14. Favicon flickering issue has been sorted.

  15. Token packages name and description made visible.

UX, UI and Design Enhancements

  1. Auto scroll-down to chat window (mobile UX): After clicking on Send message on a model page, the window will scroll down automatically to the chat window.

  2. Player controls and elements (mobile UI): Play/pause button resized and black borders removed around PIP (picture-in-picture).

v3.0.6 - Sep 2021

This release has minute yet mighty improvements.

What’s fixed?

  1. 404 in Group chat: Group chat sometimes ended with a 404 error. The cause for this has been identified and rectified now.

  2. Flicker on chat tab: The flickering issue on the chat tab has been rectified.

  3. Streamtime in Analytics: The total streamtime in the analytics dashboard was getting miscalculated earlier. This is corrected now.

  4. Group chat using WebRTC: Group chat using WebRTC had issues, which have been rectified now.

v3.0.5 - Aug 2021

From bugs that affect function to minor improvements that go a long way in delivering impeccable user experience, this version has got it all.

What’s fixed?

  1. Changing model status from Studio panel: When a studio changed the status of a model account, the status of other models under the studio account also used to change. This stands corrected now.

  2. Blank studio list on admin end: When viewing the list of studios, admin needed to refresh the otherwise blank page. The root cause of this issue has been identified and fixed.

  3. Download link for digital product purchases: The link for downloading digital products sent on email was broken. This is now fixed.

  4. Stock number for digital items?: Digital product listings were also asking for stock quantity. This is not corrected.

  5. Incorrect model list on studio end: Studios were being shown incorrect models list in their dashboard instead of the actual models performing under them. This issue is sorted now.

  6. Group chat audio issue for models: Resolved the issue of models not being able to hear the users in case of group chats. 

  7. Product update page for models: When models tried to update a product they have listed, it used to go to the homepage instead. This is corrected now.

  8. Unable to view live stream on mobile: Users could only see a black screen when viewing livestream on mobile devices. We have fixed this now.

  9. Unable to accept incoming private show requests: Fixed the issue of models being unable to accept private shows after the last release.

  10. Purchased galleries show 404 error: On the user end, the purchased galleries page returned 404. This stands rectified now.

  11. Uploading documents: Models were not able to upload their ID documents. This is resolved now.

  12. Payment confirmation: The payment log on the user end had missing entries for successful transactions. We have added this back now.

What’s improved?

  1. User actions for 18+ popup: The user action buttons available for the age disclaimer popup have been renamed from Go and Cancel to I’m at least 18 years of age and Take me back.

  2. Comma and  decimals interchanged: The model earnings pages had commas in place of decimals, and vice versa. These have been interchanged now.

  3. Dashboard analytics: The active and inactive performer logic in the analytics page has been changed.

UX, UI and Design Enhancements

  1. Auto-scrolling live show on mobile: The live show window used to auto-scroll to the bottom when viewing on mobile screens after the last update. This is not fixed.

  2. The download button for digital product purchases: The download button for digital product purchases at user end inside the orders page was miniscule. This has been made bigger now.

  3. Chat window glitches: Some design glitches in the chat window for mobile users have been ironed out.

v3.0.4 - Jul 2021

If there ever was a release worth upgrading to, this is it! New little features, big and small improvements, 3.0.4 brings all this, and more.

What’s new?

  1. View password option: Models and users can now view the inputted password while logging in using the password view button.

  2. Mic toggle during streams: Models now have the on-screen mic toggle button or use during streams.

What’s fixed?

  1. Incoming tip message: The notification prompt for received tips used to be stuck for a while on top. We have ‘unstuck’ it now.

  2. CCBill payment page: When making payments, the CCBill page wasn’t opening up initially. This is now corrected.

  3. Default tip amount not changing: When selecting the preset amounts while tipping, the default amount shown should change as well to reflect the amount chosen, but this was not happening. This is corrected now.

  4. Purchased items: The items purchased were not visible for the user. This has been fixed.

UX, UI and Design Enhancements

  1. The mysterious thin line: There was a thin line black border visible at the bottom of the chat window. This has been cleaned up now.

  2. Overlapping volume control: On the user end, the volume control was overlapping with other player controls. Thai is straightened out now.

v3.0.3 - Jun 2021

3.0.3 brings a couple of essential features to the board, and a platter of fixes and improvements. Read on to find more about this.

What’s new?

  1. Email template: Admin can now edit the emails sent out for different use cases from the platform to the models, studios, users and even the admin.

  2. Infinity scroll: Gallery page now has an infinity scroll to accommodate endless photos inside a gallery within the same page instead of paginating them.

What’s fixed?

  1. Messaging blocked models: Users who were blocked by models were still able to chat with them. This is fixed now so that blocked users can no longer chat with the respective models.

  2. Usernames in chat room: Usernames were replaced with error texts in the chat. This is corrected now.

  3. Token packages: Token packages were not displaying correctly. It has been fixed.

  4. Verify email from backend: The backend control for user/model/studio email verification was broken. It is fixed now.

  5. Updating schedule: The issue of the model not being able to update the streaming schedule has been rectified.

  6. Avatar update: User could not update the avatar. This is sorted now.

  7. Remember me in admin login: The remember me option for admin login was not functioning correctly; admin could not return to session when not logging out manually. This is fixed now.

UX, UI and Design Enhancements

  1. Streaming layout: There’s an added spacer now between the controls and the window in the streaming page.

  2. Private chat: Private chat design has been tweaked.

Stretching avatar: Performer avatar was stretching vertically on the user end. This is rescaled to the right proportions now.

v3.0.2 - May 2021

With this release, we bring to you a series of must-have cam-site features that were missing in xCams. This is one more step towards ensuring your site is not lacking on any front.

What’s new?

  1. Preview user video on private request: Models can now preview user video before accepting the private show request.

  2. Resend verification email: Users, studios and models now have the option to resend the verification email after registration.

  3. Earnings data in private chat: Added earnings data in private chat window for models.

  4. Multi-currency in token packages: You can now set currency for token packages in USD, GBP or EUROS.

  5. Dynamically change the term “Model”: Customize the term “Model” appearing at several places on the site with other related terms, like Performers, Cam Girls, or anything you wish to refer to the operators as.

  6. Enable/Disable Email verification: Admin can now turn on or off the requirement of email verification for newly registered users.

  7. Maintenance mode: Put the site in maintenance mode with the flick of a switch.

  8. Model Status Indicator: The model tiles on the homepage will have an indicator to show if the model is online/offline, in a private call, a group chat, or streaming live.

  9. Google Analytics: Leverage the analytical prowess offered by Google to view crucial performance data for your site.

  10. Age Disclaimer: Edit and show the 18+ popup age disclaimer on your site for every new session.

UX, UI and Design Enhancements

Chat box auto-scrolling: There was an issue where the chat messages were not auto-scrolling to the newly received message. This is fixed now.

v3.0.1 - Apr 2021

We’ve made some mighty additions and equally important fixes made in this release. Read on to find more.

What’s new?

  1. Group Chat: Models and fans now have the option to connect on Group Chats as well. Everyone can view others on the chat in a neatly arranged grid layout. Models initiate group chat, users can identify this using the group chat indicator on model tiles and then go into the model profile to join the same. Group chats can be free-to-join or there can be a per minute token charge too. Models can set this accordingly while initiating the session. Users will be able to check out the charges for a group chat before joining the same.

  2. Dashboard Analytics: Admin can now view crucial site operational metrics right on the dashboard, such as performers on site, users on site, active performers, ongoing live shows, revenue generated, and more.

  3. Switch Streaming Technology: Admin can choose HLS or WebRTC options for streaming conveniently from the backend controls.

What’s fixed?

  1. Missing model in private chat: Users were unable to see model video on private chats. This is fixed now.

  2. Document tab at model end: The document tab was broken on the model end. This has been rectified.

  3. Model login for backend-created accounts: For performer accounts created by the admin on the backend, the models were unable to login. This has been corrected now.

  4. Incorrect token balance for users: Fixed the logic behind token balance calculation. It was a bit skewed initially.