Release Notes

v3.3.1 - May 2024

What’s New

1. Min and maximum pricing fields:

Most of the payment processors limit the minimum and maximum transactions to be happening in the website and now we’ve handed over those controls to you from the admin panel.

2. Verotel version update:

Having an Up To date API would be the 1st thing of running a website. Verotel payments is now updated to the latest version, where users can now cancel their subscriptions from their account in their website under My subscriptions

  1. Option in admin for overridden transaction
    When the admin takes their payment for a model’s subscription out of the platform, say manually or offline, instead of their payment processor, they can now add the subscription ID to track down the expiry date.

  2. Optimized video streaming for mobile

    Videos are now made fit to screen for mobile devices

  3. Autofilling subscription details to model’s profile

    We’ve created the API to fetch and autofill the subscription details from the admin panel, so you don’t have to hustle setting up subscriptions for each and every model profile.


What’s Fixed

  1. Feeds

Feeds are now enhanced to show the teaser and thumbnail uploaded.

  1. Login/ Signup page

Fixed a minor issue that users had when they were logging in/ signup, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

  1. Gallery subscription fixes

    We’ve fixed the issue that the subscribed user had when viewing the gallery, granting all the access to what they pay for.

  2. Product purchase

    Optimised the product checkout button, when purchasing a model’s product.

v3.2.1 - Mar 2024

Live streaming Design (Mobile)

Dive into the Live streaming user experience (UX) enhancements that accompany the UI updates.
From improved navigation to enhanced visuals, we’ve made sure this enhancement will make your viewing experience more immersive and enjoyable. Here’s the rundown on the design enhancement

  1. Full screen layout
    Live streaming page isn’t limited to half page anymore, now it’s designed to show to the fullest of your device’s screen.

  2. Discover the flexibility of Floating Messages
    Chat messages are now a part of the live stream layout as Floating messages in the layout, thus making sure the users won’t miss the boat

  3. Get to know your participants
    With the info menu, you’ll get to know the participants in the live stream.

  4. Quick stats on the spends
    User’s spends will be on a tracked and shown in the same window, and will be updated automatically.

  5. Mute/ Unmute menu
    Tired of reducing the volume buttons to mute ? You don’t have to do this; with a single tap, the audio will be muted.

  6. Integrated Tip menu
    Users can now tap to tip within the live streaming page.

  7. Live chat overlay
    Encourage other users to tip with info text overlayed in the Live chat, earning a lot more than expected.

  • Upgrade nestjs version to v10.3.3

  • Refactor to use nextjs/mongoose

  • Refactor model to and return dto

v3.2.0 - Sep 2023

Social Feed Features

  1. Model-Created Feeds:- Models can create engaging feed contents, enriching their interaction with followers and subscribers.

  2. Admin-Created Feeds:- Admin can create feeds on behalf of models, facilitating seamless content delivery and co-ordination.

  3. Text, Photo and Video Posts:- The feed story feature allows creating diverse content types, including text-based feeds, photo feeds and video feeds.

  4. No File Size Limit:- There is no enforced file size limit, giving users the flexibility to upload high-quality images and videos without constraints.

    1. Subscriber Access:- Models can offer Free feed content for Subscribed users.

    2. For PPV (Pay-Per-View) content:- Regardless of subscription, Users should purchase to access that specific premium feed content.

    3. Content Access Control:- 

      1. Users must log in to the platform to view subscribed feeds, ensuring user engagement and interactions.

      2. PPV content, on the other hand, can only be accessed after the user has made the required purchase.

    4.  Models can create Feed poll, engaging fans in interactive and dynamic content.

    5. User Voting on Polls:- Users, regardless of subscribers or non-subscribers, can cast their votes on Feed polls.

    6. Guest User Limitation:-

      1. Guest users who have yet to log in to the platform cannot cast their votes on Feed polls.

      2. Guest users cannot view the content, but they can view thumbnails and video teasers.

    7. Benefits of Feed Features:-

      1. Content Diversity:- This feature accommodates a range of content types, from text to photos and videos.

      2. Monetization:- The PPV content model enables models to earn from premium content.

      3. User Engagement:- Polls and interactive content promote user engagement and interaction.

  5. Pin the chat conversation.
    a. Pin Conversations:- Both models and users can pin chat conversations with a simple action within the chat interface.
    b. Prioritise Chats: Pinned conversations appear at the top of the chat list, making accessing important or frequently used chats easier.
    c. Unpin Conversations:- Users and Models can unpin conversations whenever they choose, allowing them to reorganise their chat list as needed.

  1. Store Redirection: Clicking on the "Go Shopping" button redirects to the Models Page instead of the Store Page.

  2. Price Tag: Price tag is removed after a successful purchase of a store product.

  3. Live Streaming:
    a. Live streaming video displayed at -90 degrees on iOS devices.
    b. When a new user joins the streaming, it disrupts existing users.
    c. Slow response when clicking on the “Go Live” icon
    d. Automatic scrolling in Stream page is fixed.

  4. Notification: The notification icon acts like a "Move to Top" option and clicking the response is slow.

  5. Subscription: The subscription amount is not displayed on the model avatar and The subscription expiry date is fixed.

  6. Guest User: Error messages and redirection are updated for guest users.

  7. Top Up My Wallet: Error message and warning message are updated. Set wallet purchase minimum amount as CCBILL.

  8. Model Ranking in Home page issue is fixed.

  9. The Google Analytics is optimised.

  1. Home Page Layout is enhanced for Guest Users, Login Users/Models

  2. Font Style Change 

  3. Wallet balance is relocated from the header to the side menu list for improved navigation and accessibility.

  4. Private Call Request Notification:-

    1. Real-time notification:- informs users when a model is engaged in a private call, for user communication and transparency.

    2. Improved User Experience:- Minimizes user frustration by clearly communicating the model's status and unavailability, creating a more positive experience.

    3. Efficient Communication:- Users are informed in real-time, allowing them to make informed decisions about when to connect with the model and streamlining the communication process.

    4. Transparency:- The platform fosters transparency by notifying users about the model's ongoing private call, building trust and understanding.

  5. Added Crop Option for Video Thumbnail: The model can now crop video thumbnails, enhancing control over visual content presentation.

  6. URL Structure Change:- Model profiles now follow the format of "" for improved URL clarity and user experience.

  7. Private One-on-One Requests During Live Streaming:- Requests during live streaming are displayed within the live streaming page itself as a tab, which will improve the accessibility and engagement of models.

  8. Mandatory Date of Birth Field:- The date of birth field is mandatory during model account creation to ensure age verification.

  9. Go Live" Feature Location Change:- The "Go Live" feature is moved from the side menu bar to the model profile landing page for easier access.

  10. Premium Content Tag:- Model-uploaded Premium content is tagged with "Subscribe to Unlock," and a "View Teaser" button is provided for teaser viewing.

  11. Monthly Subscription Tag:- A monthly subscription tag has been appended to the model thumbnail.

  12. Remove Like and Subscriber Count Icons:- The Like and Subscriber Count icons are removed from the model thumbnail, offering a cleaner and simplified appearance.

  13. User Edit Profile - Add Back Button:- A back button is added to the user profile editing interface for more convenient navigation.

  14. Dropdown Format for Username/Display Names:- Dropdown format for usernames and display names is introduced in various admin pages, reducing confusion and improving usability.

  15. Refresh Chat Conversations for Each New Stream:- Chat conversations are automatically cleared for each new stream.

  16. Model Ranking:- Model ranking now accepts values starting from zero.

  17. The ‘X’ (Formerly Twitter) social platform logo was updated.

v3.1.2 - Feb 2023

What’s Fixed

  1. Product issues - Store and item name were not appearing even after giving the product name. It has been fixed now.

  2. Model Dropdown List - The list was not showing all the models when after I completed searching for a model name and clicked back to the main list. It has been fixed now.

  3. Posts - Not able to save the posts after creating, Popup appears with an error message. It has been fixed now.

  4. Sorting - The sorting functionality issue in Models -> My Subscribers, Models -> Earnings & User -> My subscriptions pages has been fixed now.

  5. Payout Request - A popup error message appears when the model tries to initiate a payment request from the admin. It has been fixed now.

  6. Model Creation - Admin was facing issues when creating a new model. It has been fixed now.

  7. Sorting for Admin - The sorting functionality was not working for all the pages in the admin dashboard which has been fixed now.

v3.1.0 - Dec 2022

What’s Fixed

  1. NextJS Version - Upgraded API Core NextJS 7.x to NextJS 9.x and other dependencies to the latest version.

  2. Upgrade FE core from NextJS 9.x to NextJS 12.x and other dependencies to latest version

  3.  70% of FE code has been Converted from Class component to Function component.

  4. Updated config env to next.config.js

  5. Page loading settings has been optimized

  6. Made enhancements on the platform to support better SEO performance.

v2.1.7 - July 2022

What’s New

  1. Most Subscribed Models - “Hot models” logic is changed. It will show the list of models who are most subscribed.

  2. Change Password - Admin has to re-confirm the password when he tries to change password.

  3. Contact Page - Admin can now easily change the content of the contact page from the admin dashboard.

What’s Fixed

  1. Made improvements on product image thumbnails, video overlay text color and VOD icon.

  2. Buy button was visible for the future videos to the subscribers which has been fixed now. Subscriber won’t see the “Buy” button for the future videos.

  3. Toast notification issue has been fixed. When a non-signed in user checks out an item or when the signed in user enters the coupon code the notification message shown by the system has been rephrased.

  4. Typo issues are fixed in the latest versions.

  5. Model was able to see her profile in the “homepage” and “Models” page of the site after signing in, which has been fixed now. Models won’t see her profile listed in both those pages from now.

  6. Advanced search option in the model menu’s functionality issues has been fixed now.

  7. Video view count was increasing when refreshing the page, It shouldn’t happen. It's fixed now.

  8. Fans can create multiple accounts using the same email ID which has been fixed now. Fans can’t create multiple accounts using the same ID.

  9. Incorrect statistics were showing in the model profile dashboard, It has been fixed now.

  10. Password Validation Issue - Account creation can be completed only after entering the correct character length in the password field.

  11. Model Status - Model status was showing “Online” even though the model is not online. It has been fixed now.

v2.1.6 - Dec 2021

On our road to making xFans the best fan subscription product out there, we have made changes in strides this time. Improvements small and big, bugs trivial and critical, enhancements minor and mighty, there’s all that. Please read on to find more. 

What’s new?

  1. Static menu: Static menu bars are, in a sense, like a “lighthouse” for the users. No matter which page they are on or how far down they have scrolled to, the top menu bar is their pal; always available for quick navigation and prevents the feeling of being lost. The experience of the ease of moving around your site is crucial yet invisible when done right. With this, everything will be within the user’s reach.

  2. Report videos: To keep up with the newly placed regulations laid out by the VISA and Mastercard processors to curb illegal/unlawful content on porn sites, xFans now has the option to report videos on the site. A user can report any video by choosing the appropriate category of violation. This video will get logged in the reported videos section of the admin panel. Admin can then review the content and either delete the same or reject the claim based on its merit. If deleted, the concerned model will receive an email notification for the same.

  3. Easy access to store: Until now, the store products could only be found under the individual model’s store page within their profiles. We wanted to bring this to the forefront on the homepage. Hence shopping for adult toys is always within the reach of the users. However, the model-specific store products will still be available within their profiles. But the global store page will feature all the products under one umbrella. 

  4. Product categories: Categories help users reach the products they are looking for quicker. They help the site admin categorize their inventory and make it available for browsing in an organized manner on the site. As the admin, now you can create different categories products can be listed in, and either you or the models will be able to tag one or more categories to the products while listing them. Users can use filters to narrow down on what they are looking for.

  5. The 18+ disclaimer: Site users will see the 18+ disclaimer at the beginning of every session. As the admin, you can control the content of this disclaimer as well as turn it on/off from the control panel.

  6. Functional video tags: Now the tags associated with videos will help your viewers discover more of the content they like. Tags under videos can be clicked to show videos with similar tags in a search result page. Easy discoverability is vital and makes users love your site more.

  7. Changes in the geographical blocking settings: There is now a dynamic search box in the block countries control in the admin panel. This will help find the concerned country quicker and avoid endless scrolling and squinting of the eyes to locate the country :)

  8. Gallery comments: Having a palace to express views and opinions heightens user engagement. That’s why model galleries now have a comment section where fans can voice themselves out.

  9. Gallery like/dislike and view count: Gallery section also comes with a like/dislike button along with a counter for the same. And there’s a gallery view count too.

What’s fixed?

  1. Missing flags: The flags missing when editing a model’s country from backend or in the geographical blocking feature have been added back.

  2. Gray borders around product images: The cause for unpleasant-looking borders that was presenting itself around some of the product images has been identified and terminated.

  3. Missing wishlist and favorite videos: Users weren’t able to view the wishlisted or favorited videos. This has been rectified.

  4. Partial gallery drop-down: In mobile view, models could only see in part the gallery drop-down menu under gallery editing options. This is corrected now.

  5. Upcoming video purchases: Users were able to purchase videos scheduled for a future release ahead of its time. This is rectified so that an upcoming video can only be purchased on/after the actual date of release.

  6. Stock quantity update: When purchasing a product, the stock quantity will now auto-update to reflect the actual pending stock and not stay the same.

  7. 404 error when updating country: After the last update, models used to encounter an error when updating their country in the profile. This stands fixed now.

  8. Incorrect cart items: Carts of all the users were showing the same products. This has been corrected now. 

  9. Cancelling user subscription: When cancelling their subscription to any model, users would see the changes only after a page refresh. This has been made to update in real-time now. 

  10. Missing placeholder image on the document page: On the model end, added a placeholder image on the document upload page.

  11. Online notification for models: The green dot notification on model tiles wasn’t working before. It’s been corrected now. 

UI, UX, and Design enhancements

  1. New product page design: Little design and alignment issues fixed on the product edit page under model dashboard.

  2. Block country toggle: The checkbox that was present with which admin had to block a country was a little ambiguous and didn’t make it obvious whether it was blocked or unblocked. This has been replaced with a slider switch.

  3. VOD icon: The icon for PPV videos seen on the model profiles has been changed to differentiate it from the icon for free-for-subscriber videos.

v2.1.5 - Nov 2021

Armed with a microscope, we scouted for all the little things that were working against a better user experience and those pesky miniscule bugs. And we did what any self-respecting product owners do - we fixed them all. Here’s v2.1.5 for you.

What’s new?

  1. Global search: xFans is now equipped with a global search feature accessible from the top menu bar with which users can search across different site content, like models, videos, products and even galleries. Reaching their favorite content has become easier.

What’s fixed?

  1. Last updated timestamp in reports: The last updated date and time in the ‘User subscription’ and ‘Model earnings’ pages were the same for all transactions/entries. This is corrected so that the last updated columns in both these pages show the right timestamp for each entry.

  2. Turning all payment gateways off: Turning both CCBill and Verotel payment gateways from the backend had no effect on initiating a transaction. This is corrected.

  3. Non-subscribed fans chatting with models: Users who weren’t subscribed to a particular model were still able to send messages on chat after a page refresh. This has been set straight so that non-subscribers cannot initiate a chat or send messages.

  4. Upcoming date for videos which are already premiered: Scheduled videos still retained the “upcoming date” description below them even after the release date had crossed and video was already available for viewing. This will no longer be the case.

  5. Photo preview: In the individual photo upload tool in the admin panel, a preview of the photo wasn;t being displayed. This is corrected now. 

  6. Disappearing cart items: Cart items were getting cleared on page refresh (without sign out). This is fixed so that cart items will be retained on page refreshes provided the user didn’t log out of the session.

v2.1.4 - Oct 2021

2.1.4 brings with it a bouquet of crucial fixes and improvements.

What’s new?

  1. Manual Payout Requests: Apart from the automated split payment option, models can now also request manual payouts from the admin. This can be done from their dashboard and selecting the date range for earnings.

  2. Verotel: Added a second payment gateway method - Verotel. Admin can now set up a verotel account and configure it under the payment settings page so site users can use this as an alternate payment gateway to the existing CCBill method of payment.

What’s fixed?

  1. Liking a comment: Users were unable to like comments. This has been rectified now.

  2. The ‘Go shopping again’ button: After making a successful purchase, the ‘Go shopping again’ button that appeared was broken and didn’t lead anywhere. It has been fixed now.

  3. Teaser tile: The teaser image in the video player (in cases where there wasn’t a teaser uploaded) didn’t stretch to fit and instead appeared in a tiled fashion. This is corrected now.

  4. Duplicate chats in mobile: Chats used to get duplicated at times when on mobile. The clones have been terminated now.

  5. Difficulty in listing digital products: From the admin panel, there were issues uploading digital products. This has since been corrected.

  6. Viewing gallery images: Some gallery images just wouldn’t open. We took a pry bar to it. Now they all work fine.

  7. No user avatar next to comments: User avatars weren’t showing up on comments. Fixed now.

  8. Video upload related errors in admin panel: There were a few corrections made in admin panel when uploading videos, like cursor visibility, not being able to tag participants, or view thumbnail, the status error, and also changed the price font color from red to black.

  9. Unable to open images in chat: Users and models were unable to open photos in the chat box. This is fixed now.

  10. Missing video uploads in admin panel: Some of the uploaded videos would go missing from the admin panel. This has been rectified now.

  11. Activate/deactivate coupons: Admin was unable to activate or deactivate coupons. This is set straight now.

  12. Missing search box in menu page: In the admin panel, search text box was missing in the menus page. This has been brought back now.

  13. Unable to add to cart: After the last release, users were unable to add items to cart. This functionality has been restored now.

  14. Gallery, store and product navigation on model dashboard: The page navigation on model panel for the aforementioned pages were not active. This is fixed now.

  15. Model page navigation on frontend: Page navigation was not working. It is fixed now.

What’s improved?

  1. Drop-down for model attributes: Added attribute list and drop-down for sexual preferences.

  2. Multiple images for products: Added ability to add multiple images for store products.

  3. SEO-friendly URLs for videos, products, and galleries: All videos, galleries and product pages will now have a SEO-friendly URL.

UI, UX, and Design enhancements

  1. Smiley chest: The smiley toolbox that is accessed by clicking on the smiley icon on the keyboard in the chat window appears from the top instead of the next to the text area. This has changed now.

  2. Model bio design on mobile: The model profile page when viewed on mobile device didn’t look quite right. We made it look nice now.

  3. Run-off model bio: A longer model bio would run off instead of wrapping text in the mobile view. This has been remedied now.

  4. Border for chat window: Added the missing bottom border for chat window.

  5. Run-on first name into model banner: A longer first name would invade the banner area. This is corrected so it appears only right after the banner.

  6. Go-to-top button placement: In the admin panel, the go-to-top button would overlap with the submit button when scrolling down on a few pages. This has been moved up so it doesn’t look wonky anymore.

  7. Cursor placement in block country option: The cursor started with some offset inside the country box in the block option at model end. This is realigned correctly now.

  8. Video thumbnail clickable area: The areas adjacent to the title on either side of the thumbnail can also be clicked on now to open the said video.

v2.1.3 - Sep 2021 

v2.1.3 is a small bombshell of a release with some crucial fixes and improvements to existing features. 

What’s new?

  1. Resend verification email: There’s now an option to resend verification email in the login page.

What’s fixed?

  1. Broken performer tags under videos: Performer tags under a video weren't leading anywhere. This is corrected now.

  2. Sending photos in chat: The photo icon under the chat box wasn’t functional. This is fixed now.

  3. Editing performer account settings from backend: Fixed the issue of the Admin not being able to edit performer settings. 

  4. Footer menu ordering: Footer menu ordering was not functional. This is corrected now.

  5. Showing status of subscription cancellation: When a user cancels subscription, it doesn't show the updated status immediately. This is fixed now. 

v2.1.2 - Aug 2021

v2.1.2 is a nifty little packet of upgrade mostly to do away with some identified bugs. 

What’s new?

  1. Cookie policy edit option: Admin can now edit the content for cookie policy to be shown to site users.

What’s fixed?

  1. Page 0 on navigation: The incorrectly showing page 0 in the homepage navigation has been removed.

  2. Admin logo: The logo on the admin panel was a little wonky. This is fixed.

  3. CCBill settings: The missing CCBill salt key field has been added.

  4. Cart maximum items: Corrected the problem of not being able to update cart with upto 10 items.

v2.1.1 - Jul 2021

Currency displayed on site and a small list of bug fixes is what 2.1.1 offers. 

What’s new?

  1. Change currency on site: Admin can now set the currency that should be displayed site-wide.

What’s fixed?

  1. User menu issue: After refreshing the homepage, the user menu used to not show up. It has been fixed now.

  2. Remember me: Checking the remember me box didn’t function as expected. Now if not manually logged out, the user session will directly login on the next attempt if it is within 365 days.

  3. MKV video format: Fixed the playback issue present when uploading MKV videos.

  4. Coupon status auto-update: Coupon status will now update to show the right status after expiry.

v2.1.0 - Jun 2021

Some ‘buggy’ little bugs have been identified and fixed in this release. Read on to find more.

What’s fixed?

  1. Video stats update: Video stat didn’t update if a user clicked on a new video from within the existing video page. This is now fixed.

  2. Product purchase: There were issues with purchasing a store product if a coupon is involved. This issue has been resolved.

  3. Missing breadcrumbs: Added the missing breadcrumbs in the user creation page in the admin panel.