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Affiliate Integrations

Below is the list of affiliate networks (and the websites under them) integrated currently in xStreamer.

The list has been split into two types depending on the import method - Import using CSV and In-built Importer.

Import using CSV

Import using CSV




  • HClips

  • HdZog

  • HotMovs

  • TheGay

  • TubePornClassic

  • Upornia

  • Vjav

  • VoyeurHit


  • Analdin

  • Xozilla

  • XTits

  • VintageTube


  • xHamster


  • LooPorn


  • NuVid

  • IcePorn

  • VIPTube

  • DrTuber

In-built Importer

In-built Importer




  • AWEmpire


  • GotProfits

(Affiliate program discontinued as of now)

  • PornHub

  • RedTube

  • YouPorn

Ways to source videos from Partner sites

You can populate your site with videos from different partners in one of two ways - Direct Import or Import using CSV.

Importing videos directly using the In-built Importer

Some partner APIS allow to do a direct video import. To access the list of partner sites you can do this and import videos from them, go to Video Management > Import Videos from Partner.

In here, choose the site where you wish to source videos from, followed by the category of videos to bring in.

30 videos load at a time, you can scroll to the bottom and click Load More to show 30 more videos. You can keep going to expand the list of videos to import.

You may also select/deselect certain videos. Finally, tag them under a category and click Import.

Importing videos using CSV files from Partners

To import videos using the CSV method, please follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Video Management > Download Video Content in the Admin panel.

  • Here, from the Website dropdown, select the Website/Network from where you wish to import videos from.

  • Then upload the CSV file downloaded from the corresponding network, before tagging relevant Categories/Pornstar and then clicking on Import Video.

To know how to download the CSV from different networks, please follow the instructions below for the respective partners.

Downloading the CSV file from Partner Networks

Expand any section below to know the steps to download CSV from a partner.

  • Log into your TubeCorporate Affiliate account.

  • Click on Gallery > Feeds

  • Select the Site - ex: Hclips

  • Select the required Categories

  • Keep the Video status as Active, Export format as CSV, select the Period based on the requirement, select the Amount of URLs based on the requirement.

  • The CSV options should be selected as shown in the below screenshot.

Please ensure to select the CSV columns exactly as shown in the below two screenshots, and also in the same order. Otherwise, the import may not be successful.

  • Click on the Open feed in new window button

  • Then in the new tab that opens, right-click and save the file in the format CSV (add .csv extension to the file name) on your local storage.

  • Now you can use this CSV file for importing videos from TubeCorporate on your site.

  • Log into your ZillaCash account dashboard

  • Click on the Feeds tab

  • Select one or more Categories you wish to import

  • Keep Export format as CSV, and choose Amount of URLs based on the requirement

  • Keep the CSV settings as shown

  • Right-click on the feed link against any of the concerned website, and click Save link as…

  • Save the file with CSV extension (“.CSV”)

  • Now you can use this CSV file for importing videos from ZillaCash on your site.

  • Choose one of the categories from the dropdown and/or enter the concerned keywords.

  • Click Export

  • The file may get broken into multiple parts if it exceeds the size limit. So, choose one of the files shown for download. In case of multiple files, you can either merge the data into a single CSV before importing or do multiple imports with each file, one at a time.

  • Right-click the concerned file and save as with .csv extension

  • Use the downloaded file to import using the CSV method.

  • Choose the category or categories of videos you need from the Channels selection pane.

  • Then choose the relevant options from the section highlighted below, like amount or URLs, Key Phrase, and so on.

  • Confirm if the field order has all options shown below selected, and also in the same order.

  • Right-click on the link shown below and choose “save as”

  • Remember to save it in the .CSV format

  • Now you can use the downloaded CSV to import videos from the respective partner site.

The method to download CSV for all sites under Webmaster (Nuvid, IcePorn, GotProfits, VIPTube, and DrTuber) are all the same. Please find relevant options and controls explained above for Nuvid on the other partner sites under Webmaster to download their CSV files.

  • Log into your xHamster affiliate account

  • Click on the Content Export tab

  • Select the categories, keep the CSV settings as shown, Export format as CSV, Select the amount of URL’s based on the requirement

  • Copy the link to export the file

  • Right click on the mouse and save the file in the format (.csv extension) shown

  • Go back to the admin panel

  • Select xHamster from the dropdown, upload the file downloaded

  • Fill the fields and click on the Import video button.

Once you signup with HubTraffic and verify your domain > under resources > you can find the CSV option - Now select a category or keyword > set your total number of videos to be exported ( like 100, 200, 400 ) - now download the CSV file.


Upload the CSV file in our xStreamer admin dashboard.

You can find it under Download video content “ Import CSV “ tab.


Upload the CSV file, setup categories, channels, Pornstars etc.

Now after you click Import video - all the videos will be uploaded to your site in few seconds.

The Duplicate existing videos option will help you find if you have uploaded any duplicate videos.


All about CCBill

We use CCBill as our default payment gateway in xStreamer. If you want other payment gateways like Epoch, Verotel, Zombiao, or others, please let us know so we can integrate it for you.

If you are comfortable using CCBill to collect payments, then you need to open up a merchant account to collect payments via CCBill.

Configuring CCBill on xStreamer

If you already have an account, then under Payment gateway settings - you just have to enter your merchant account details to collect the payments to your account.


Transactions that use CCBill

We collect payments for 2 things -

PPV - pay per view revenue stream - which means you can upload a video for sale. When uploading a video - you can mention it for sale ( tick the checkbox ) -


When you do this, it will ask for CCBill form name, allowed types and subscription ID. You need to create a form in your CCBill merchant account and mention the details here - so it automatically integrates the payment module and makes the video ready for sale.

When you create a form in your CCBill account - you can mention the price of the form - so it will take the price amount for the video. For example - you can mention $2.99 in the form - so the price of the video is $2.99.

Subscription revenue for Channels - Another revenue stream is Subscription to Channels. If you have sponsors, they can open up a Channel and upload full length HD videos and users can subscribe to the channels to watch and download those videos. These channel subscription are recurring revenue to your website. You can set the pricing for channel subscriptions under your CCBill merchant account dashboard.

Users who’ve paid for the videos and for channels can be seen from the Payment management. Under Admin dashboard > Payment management > you can see the list of people who has purchased the videos and list of channel subscriptions.


Setting up your CCBill Subaccount and Pricing Form

Once you get your account activated - login to your CCBill - create a sub-account for your site.

Let’s say for example - xStreamer.info is your tube site URL.

You need to create a sub-account inside CCBill for your website. Because you may use the same CCBill merchant account on multiple websites. So each website will have its own sub-account inside CCBill.

Now, my CCBill account no - 123456

I created a sub-account for my tube site - http://xstreamer.info and my sub-account is 0006.

Now I have to create two pricing option in my sub-account

  1. For channel subscription. example - I keep my channel subscription pricing as $5 ( recurring monthly ) - which means - when a user subscribes to your channels - he will be charged $5 every 30 days.

  2. For Premium videos - As I said above - if you going to price your videos individually, then you have to create a pricing form every time when you price a video. OR if you want to have a standardized pricing for all your premium videos - for example - all videos which are on sale - will be priced at $9 per video.

So you need to create a pricing form for $9.

Now you have created two pricing forms

For the Channel subscription - you have created a $5 (monthly recurring)

For the Premium HD videos - you have created $9 per video ( this can be set for number of dates - for example - if you want to allow only for 7 days - then you can set up when you create pricing inside CCBill )

Now we need - Form name - You will create a pricing under 1 form.

For example - You will create a form and the form will have an ID - example - 211c.

Now under form 211c - you will create 2 pricing options.

Once you’ve done that -

You need to find Allowed type & Subscription type ID - to find these values - You need to generate HTML of the created form.

Select the form which you have created and click the option “Generate HTML” - when you do it - you will see HTML code generated - now pick the values of Allowed types and Subscription type ID for both the pricing. 

Allowed types - this is for channel subscription

Allowed types PPV - this is for Premium HD sale videos

subscription Type ID - this is for channel subscription

subscription Type ID PPV - this is for Premium HD sale videos.

Follow this step by step -

Configure CCBill Payment

I. Create Pricing

  • Go to Sub Account Admin and select Pricing Admin:

  • Select the options and click Create:

  • Type in form and click Insert:


II. Create From Payment

  • Go to Sub Account Admin select Form Admin:

  • Create new Form or select created Form:

  • Select Generate HTML

  • Select Subscription Type and click Add -> Submit:

  • Get Payment Gateway Settings:

  • Add Payment Gateway Settings in Admin page (Admin control Panel):


III. Set Video for sale:


Configuring Email

To enable the email capability on your site, please use the SMTP form after logging into your M3 Control Panel.

  • Host: M3 host URL, eg: v2010004s.m3xs.net

  • Port: 587

  • Auth user: email username account or M3 FTP master account

  • Auth password: your email password or M3 FTP master password

To customize the templates of the auto-triggering emails, go to Settings > Email Template.

To assign a template to a particular use case, go to Settings > Email Settings.

Customizing Site Footer Menu (Static Pages)

For legal info, notices, or other information on your site, you can edit existing static pages as well as create new ones to show up on the site footer from Static Pages > Manage Static Pages menu.

With this, you can manage all the static page content like 2257, Privacy policy, DMCA , Terms and services, and so on.


Site Branding and Meta Info

You can set your site name, logo, and favicon from under the Settings menu. You can also add Meta Keywords and Description from the same menu.

All about Advertising

Check out the types of ads you can place on xStreamer, ideal aspect ratio and the associated controls available.

Types of Ads on xStreamer

You can run the below types of ads on xStreamer -

  • Banners

  • Pre/Post-roll Videos

  • Text Ads


The standard banner ads will appear on homepage, footer, top rated video page, most viewed page, video playing page, porn star page, and under the video player.

You can add banner image and link to a URL or you can paste a JavaScript / HTML code to display banner ads.

When adding a standard ad type - you can choose ad type > you can choose Upload or Script code.


For the banner ads displayed inside the video player - when the video is paused - It automatically takes the banner from the Video page’s standard ads. It automatically shuffles and displays the banner inside the video player when the video is paused or played.

In-line text ads : these ads are displayed as text ad when the video is playing. Similar to YouTube text ads - these ads will display at the bottom of the video.


For a in-line text ad - you need to enter the name, description, ad URL and save it.


Ideal Aspect Ratio for Banners

Banner Location

Ideal Aspect Ratio

Banner Location

Ideal Aspect Ratio

Homepage Banners


Footer Banners


Banners on the right of the video page


Banner below the video player


Pre-Post Roll Video Ads

Like you see in YouTube.com - before the original video plays - the video advertisement will start playing.. You can either watch it fully or skip after few seconds.


Other than the video ads the respective affiliate networks will run on the videos on your site, you can also add video ads to show up on your site.

You can add the video ads from admin > Manage video ads


You can set up the skip timings for the video ads under Video settings option.

Text Ads

These ads will play inside the video player. While the video is playing - a small text ad will appear at the bottom of the video player.


Under manage text ads > You can add in-text video player ads.


You can also add one or more text ads that show up on the homepage right below the site header. You can also set scrolling speed individually for each of these ads. Please do this from the Header Links menu.

Website Theme and CSS Styling Controls

You can Set your website in Dark or Light modes using the control available at Settings > Theme.

You may also play around with CSS-level styling options available under Settings > CSS.

Multi-Language Support

Allow users to browse around your website in their native languages.

Create a new language and save translations for the terms used in the website from the Language menu.

  • Click on the Add a New Language button.

  • Enter the Language code and Language name and click on the Save button -

  • Go back to All Language page

  • Click on the Edit icon

  • Against each English static word, under the translator column, click and enter the New language word and click on the tick mark.


Steps to upload videos using FTP

  • Install any FTP client (Like FileZilla) and configure it to access the server

    • Click on Site Manager on the top left and add New Site

    • Enter Host, User, and Password for the site

  • Save the videos on the server’s root location.

The videos saved only in the root directory will be visible when doing FTP uploads. The target directory cannot be changed.

  • Option to upload using FTP is available only for individual uploads. When uploading, choose the FTP Upload method from the dropdown.

  • The videos saved in the FTP directory on the server will show up in the next dropdown for selection.

Google Verification, Google Analytics, and Custom Scripts

You can add the script for Google Verification Code for your Google Console under Settings > Google Verification Code.

You can also custom scripts to your webpage by from Settings > Custom Script.

You can also add script for configuring your Google Analytics (GA Code) in the body script.

Frequently Asked

xStreamer supports all the major video formats, like MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, or MKV.

There is no limit imposed on the script for this, however, the hosting server may limit file size limits. Please reach out to them to increase the file size cap.