xFans v2.1.5

v2.1.5 Release Notes / Nov '21


Armed with a microscope, we scouted for all the little things that were working against a better user experience and those pesky miniscule bugs. And we did what any self-respecting product owners do - we fixed them all. Here’s v2.1.5 for you.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Global search: xFans is now equipped with a global search feature accessible from the top menu bar. With this, your site users can search across different site content, like models, videos, products and even galleries. Reaching their favorite content has just got easier.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Last updated timestamp in reports: The last updated date and time in the ‘User subscription’ and ‘Model earnings’ pages were the same for all transactions/entries. This is corrected so that the last updated columns in both these pages show the right timestamp for each entry.

  2. Turning all payment gateways off: Turning both CCBill and Verotel payment gateways from the backend had no effect on initiating a transaction. This is corrected.

  3. Non-subscribed fans chatting with models: Users who weren’t subscribed to a particular model were still able to send messages on chat after a page refresh. This has been set right so that non-subscribers cannot initiate a chat or send messages.

  4. Upcoming date for videos which are already premiered: Scheduled videos still retained the “upcoming date” description below them even after the release date had crossed and video was already available for viewing. This will no longer be the case.

  5. Photo preview: In the individual photo upload tool in the admin panel, a preview of the photo wasn't being displayed. This is corrected now. 

  6. Disappearing cart items: Cart items were getting cleared on page refresh (without sign out). This is fixed so that cart items will be retained on page refreshes provided the user didn’t log out of the session.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Changing channel for existing payout requests: Models can now change the payment mediums for existing requests that haven’t been fulfilled yet, i.e. from bank transfer to PayPal, or vice versa.

  2. Model to model subscription: Models cannot subscribe to other models anymore.

  3. The country name and flag alignment issues under model profile have been fixed.

  4. The stray shipping code field inside the order details page under order history in the admin panel has been removed.

  5. For the Role and Status filters available in the User listing page in the admin panel, the All option has been added.

  6. The design issue of the country dropdown and the placement of the save button has been rectified in the Model profile settings page.