xChat v2.0.6

v2.0.6 Release Notes / Dec '21


xChat v2.0.6 gets a few simple things right, ranging from accessibility and UI/UX improvement to little nuggets of new features.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Send tip from chat room: We've added the option to send tips right from the chat room, so tipping is always within a user’s reach.

  2. New Model Profile Page: Earlier versions had model profile page integrated within the favorites menu, limiting the enhancements we can make to a standalone profile page. Now the model profile page has been rethought and it’s own individual page which users can reach by simply clicking on the 'Check Profile' button on the model tile.

  3. Delete Purchased Media: Users can now delete the videos and photos they’ve purchased.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Unfavoriting a model: Fixed the issue of unfavoriting a model faced by users.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Checking profile without adding to favorites: Initially a user could only check a model’s profile after adding them to favorites. This has been changed so that both the actions (favoriting and checking profile) are not interdependent.

✨ What’s improved?

  1. Logout confirmation: Users, Models and Admin will be asked for a confirmation before logging out.

📏 UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. Tile buttons on hover: The “Check Profile” and “Chat” buttons on model tiles have been made to appear only on hover for a more cleaner design.

  2. Auto-collapse admin menu: The main menu in the admin panel expands to show the submenu items, but would remain open even when another main menu is clicked on. For a better UX, now the previously expanded menu will collapse when a newer one is opened.

🔨 The little things…

  1. The consent text seen at verification page has been edited for clarity.

  2. The Share Love button has been renamed to Share Tip.