xScorts v2.0.3

v2.0.3 Release Notes / Jan '22


Other than adding a cool list of new stuff, we have also improved things to make it easy for the escorts, users, and the admin to carry out their basic functions efficiently by adding help texts, notifications, renamed buttons, and improved workflows. There’s a long list of UI and design changes too.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Rating average and count: The average of ratings received by an escort along with the number ratings are shown above the rating section to summarize the individual reviews.

  2. Button to expand bio: For a better use of space, we have limited bio to show only three lines, and then use an expand action to view the complete bio.

  3. Open in WhatsApp: Clicking on the WhatsApp icon next to the contact will open directly in the WhatsApp app or WhatsApp web.

  4. Notification panel: Escorts and users now have a notification panel where they can view messages related to bookings and subscriptions.

  5. Rejecting bookings: Escorts can now reject bookings as well. They can do this right from the booking notification as well as from the booking history page. The user who booked will get notified if any booking is cancelled.

  6. Premium Escorts: You can now offer premium subscriptions to escorts which they can opt to get a higher visibility on the platform. You can create multiple packages for this tier of subscription. Escorts under the premium tier get a VIP tag as well as are listed in the premium escorts page apart from the homepage.

  7. Banners: The banner feature already existed, but only from the backend. Bow it has been enabled on the front end too. Multiple scrolling banners can be seen at the top of the homepage as well as on the spotlight section too. You can use the banners for different things, like directing to your other sites, for affiliate marketing, or as a tool to communicate anything to your site users.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Breadcrumbs in the model dashboard: The breadcrumbs in the model dashboard weren't functional. Now they are.

  2. Notification dot: Notification dot removed in case of no new notifications.

  3. Incomplete Tags: The VIP and Premium tags were showing up incompletely. Fixed now.

  4. Age and Country filters: The age and country filters seemed to be broken. Issue is rectified now.

  5. Booking start time issue: If the booking time was at the very beginning of an escort’s set availability, then it lead to an error. This has been corrected.

  6. Payment History page: The escort’s payment history page would lead to homepage on refresh. This issue has been fixed now.

  7. Booking status update: Even when escort updates the booking status on her end, it would not reflect on user’s end. This is fixed.

  8. Updating escort profile from backend: Making changes to an escort account from the admin end lead to an error. This has been rectified now.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Character limit for escort bio: A character limit of 2000 has been enforced for escort bios.

  2. Profile photo limit: The number of profile photos for escorts has been limited to 20.

✨ What’s improved?

  1. Moving new chats to the top of the list: The recent chats would stay where they were depending on when a chat was initiated. Now, the latest ones would move to the top of the list.

  2. Adding favorites: After adding favorites, the button will now change to reflect the current status instead of allowing to add favorites again.

  3. “Click-to-enlarge”: When hovering over an escort’s photos, users will now see “Click to enlarge” across its center to let them know the photos can be viewed in full screen.

  4. Third option under Services Included: Other than Yes and No, there’s third option now under different services offered - “Not Comfortable”. Escorts can use this to convey the acts which they are not comfortable with.

  5. Coming back from forgot password page: To get back to the login from the forgot password page, the cancel button has been changed to “Go to Login” instead.

  6. Added new escort filters: Users can now filter escorts using services offered and ethnicity as well.

📏 UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. Login and Registration page responsiveness: There were some responsiveness issues or the login and signup pages on mobile screens. Not anymore.

  2. Closing emoticon chest: When in the chat room, the emoticon box would just not go away unless explicitly closed using the close button. This is changed so that it closes upon clicking on anywhere outside of it.

  3. Squeezed Avatars: Corrected the aspect ration of avatars since they looked stretched vertically.

  4. Highlight design: When chosen, the design for emphasizing the selection was different for some boxes and controls, where in it would not go over the periphery but cut midway This has been made standard now.

  5. Photo navigation panel color: The background color of the navigation panel for escort photos has been changed so it blends in better with the rest of the website.

  6. Fixed height for the MY DETAILS area: If there’s too many of categories, language, or service details, then the height of the MY Details section would keep increasing with it. To keep it constant so it does not affect the layout of the rest of the website, its height has been kept constant. And a vertical scrollbar has been added to allow for content scrolling if it exceeds the area.

  7. Divide My Details and Booking sections: These two sections have been divided to show some separation and distinction between the two.

  8. Calendar size: The calendar that the models use for setting their availability as well the one one the user end for shown during booking have been made smaller to fit better and to look better.

  9. Changes in the managing schedule window: Title centered, added section name, and added a confirmation message while removing slots.

  10. Fade-to-dark effect: Reduced the fading effect when hovering over model tiles for improving visibility on hover.

  11. The Report window: Few elements of the escort report window have been changed, like the text size, background, and renaming items.

🔨 The little things…

  1. Renamed a few of the menu items for both user and escort to shave off unnecessary words.

  2. The “You may also like” section has been hidden when the escort is inside her profile settings page.

  3. Renamed the detail “Last seen online” to simply “Last seen” and moved it directly under the escort name.

  4. Font size for the escort name has been increased by two points.

  5. The “Related” section has been renamed to “You may also like”.

  6. Rephrased the confirmation message seen when user requests for a verification email.

  7. Changed to texts to Proper Case for some buttons within the escort profile that were all UPPER CASE previously.

  8. Removed the space between the $ and amount everywhere.

  9. Rephrased a few texts in the forgotten password page.

  10. Added a few help texts on the admin end of an escort account to help understand the controls better.

  11. Renamed a few escort account related menu items in the admin panel - ‘Performers’ to ‘Escorts’, ‘Current performers’ to ‘Current Escorts’, ‘New performer’ to ‘Create an Escort Account’.