xChat v2.0.1

v2.0.1 Release Notes / Jun '21


2.0.1 brings a ruck sack full of stuff - some new, some improved, and some changed to make more sense. Find out more…

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Add Friend: Add any model as your friend

  2. Fan Listing page on admin panel: A comprehensive user management page for admin

  3. Spam prevention: Implemented spam prevention so that neither user nor model can send more than three consecutive messages to each other without receiving a response from the other end.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Broken menu in messenger: The menu items inside messenger were dysfunctional. This has been rectified now.

  2. Photo/video from admin end: Uploading photos and videos from admin end was met with an error. This is sorted now.

  3. Issues during document verification: Admin was unable to view documents uploaded by the models. This is sorted now.

  4. Menu navigation on mobile: Mobile users were getting stuck on the navigation pane. This issue is cleared now.

  5. Creating user account from backend: Fixed the issue of Admin not being able to create a user profile.

  6. Issue with requesting payouts: It was identified that some models were unable to request payouts. This stands corrected now.

  7. MP4 fiasco: Uploading MP4 videos were returning errors, most times. This is rectified now.

📏 UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. Design Changes: Some changes to the design of the user login page, forgot password popup, chat room, settings page, token purchase page, token ad payment history logs, earnings page, and upload media box.

  2. Responsive issues: Few responsiveness issues for mobile has been fixed.

🔨 The little things…

  1. Fixed error message when uploading package price for clarity.