xMember v3.0.8

v3.0.8 Release Notes / Dec '21


3.0.8 is a tight upgrade with a couple of fixes and changes.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Incorrect price at checkout: The cart price at checkout was going haywire and wrong, at times, after the last release. This is fixed now.

  2. Password now masked at registration: Password was not being ‘asterisk’-ed during signup. This has been fixed now.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Control Panel Menu Renamed: The menu and sub-menu items in the control panel have been rephrased or interchanged to add more clarity and structure to the whole thing.

  2. Validation checkmarks: The condition for password and username to receive ‘valid’ checkmarks have been set to eight and three characters, respectively.