xMember v3.0.7

v3.0.7 Release Notes / Nov '21


A small new feature with a handful of minor improvements is what you get with 3.0.7.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Email verification for new registrations: Admin can now turn on/off email verification for new users.

  2. Terms and Conditions check during signup: Users can now view the terms and conditions from the login signup page itself.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Drop-down for number of order displayed: The drop-down that was entrusted with the responsibility of changing the number of results in the order page had deserted its duty. We had to court-martial it and handed this sacred job over to another responsible comrade. We assure you the new soldier won’t let you down.

  2. Status filter in subscription packages: The status filter that allowed admin to filter out active/inactive packages had gone haywire. This now stands fixed.

🔨 The little things…

  1. Setting a video category has been made optional when uploading videos.

  2. Tagging a performer is no longer mandatory when uploading videos.