📃 Release Notes - xScorts

We want to deliver you a highly capable product that is virtually flawless, is brimming with all the best-in-class features, so you can focus on what’s really important - Growing Your Business!

“Perfection may be an ever-eluding damsel, but try we must”

- probably someone in our office

Which is why, we are always tinkering with our complete lineup to keep them updated with the times and the industry. And of course, also to exterminate the occasional pesky bugs that creep in.

Read on to find the highlights of each release or use the links to navigate to the full release notes.


Release Month



Release Month


Jan '22

Cool list of new stuff, improved workflows for everyone, help texts, notifications, renamed buttons, and a long list of UI and design changes

Dec '21

The most complete version of the xScorts you can get your hands on

Nov '21

Added basic functionalities as well as a series of important bug fixes

There’s also great things cooking in the horizon that we’re very excited about and are sure you're going to love.

Check the Upcoming Features to know what’s in the oven right now!