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Running an escort ad directory business might be simple, but the site itself cannot be. You want your platform to be equipped with all the premium features to make it stand apart from the crowd. Your site built on xScorts will provide a unique and complete experience for users and escorts alike to conduct their business, so you can keep generating that sweet, sweet revenue. Read on to find out everything that we are working on.

Feature Significance Scale

Feature Significance Scale

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  1. ⭐⭐⭐ Contact Bar: The platform has more than one way to put escorts and potential clients in touch with each other, namely In-platform Messaging, Email Communication, as well as Phone/WhatsApp contact. We want these channels to be visible at the front-and-center of every escort ad, though not literally. xScorts will soon feature a Contact Bar design for housing all these information and buttons. This bar will be omni-present at the bottom of the screen (in both desktop and mobile) and constantly in view regardless of how far down the user has scrolled to. Getting in touch will always be within the hand's reach.

  2. ⭐⭐ Free Listings: Currently, xScorts allows only paid ads on site. But we understand that in the initial days, to build up your escort base and get the ball rolling, you may need to allow free listings too. The growth of escort and client base on the site is interdependent, and once there’s sufficient user base, you will find escorts opting for subscriptions to get more visibility and, in turn, bookings. You can also turn off the free listings and have only the paid ones if that’s the business model you're after.

  3. ⭐⭐ Tier-based Restrictions: With the introduction of free listing, it is now more important to have superior and distinctive subscription benefits to make it a compelling case for escorts to opt in. This is so that the escorts with subscriptions can actually get more business and clearly see the upper hand of having subscriptions. This pushes more and more of them to subscribe. From limited profile photos, videos, to chat limitations and tags, we are defining all kinds of subscription perks to ensure your platform generates the most possible revenue.

  4. ⭐⭐ ‘Click-to-view’: To protect the contact information of escorts displayed on your site from web scraper bots, the phone numbers will be masked. This is just a small step to reduce the likelihood of escort contacts being misused for spams. The contacts will reveal themselves once they are clicked on.

  5. ⭐⭐⭐ Multi-language Support: To go truly international and tap into the global markets, you need a site that can serve its content in languages other than English too. Once multi-language support is in place, you can add different languages based on the demographic you are serving/targeting.

  6. ⭐⭐⭐ Email Management: For complete versatility, it is important to be able to add and manage templates for different system-triggered emails. Soon, you will be able to customize the content of the emails sent for several use cases, like new subscription, new registration, new booking, cancelled booking, and so on.

🐤 Released

Below are just the cream of the crop. To check out full Release Notes, go here.

  • Rating Average + Count: Rating summary using average and count of ratings received (v2.0.3, Jan '22)

  • Button to expand bio: Better use of the screen real estate (v2.0.3, Jan '22)

  • Open in WhatsApp: Click to open WhatsApp app or WhatsApp web (v2.0.3, Jan '22)

  • Notification panel: Notification panels for escorts and users (v2.0.3, Jan '22)

  • Rejecting bookings: Check and reject bookings, notify clients of rejected bookings (v2.0.3, Jan '22)

  • Premium Escorts: Higher tier of ad subscription for escorts for greater visibility (v2.0.3, Jan '22)

  • Banners: Redirect traffic to your other sites or use them for affiliate ads (v2.0.3, Jan '22)

  • Model Verification Process: Improved onboarding process on several aspects (v2.0.2, Dec '21)

  • Resend verification email: Resend verification links (v2.0.2, Dec '21)

  • Model Subscription Page: page for escorts to check different packages and subscribe (v2.0.2, Dec '21)

  • Favorite Escorts: Find all shortlisted escorts in one place (v2.0.2, Dec '21)

  • The Dismiss All button: Get rid of all notifications at once (v2.0.2, Dec '21)

  • Model profiles from backend: Create and edit escort profiles from admin panel (v2.0.1, Nov '21)

  • USD and EUR: Escorts choose the currency for their service charges (v2.0.1, Nov '21)

  • Booking Flow: Simplified booking process with intuitive controls and notifications (v2.0.1, Nov '21)