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We are constantly looking for ways to keep xMember abreast with class-leading features, comprehensive site controls, and make it look spectacular too. This is so that you have the tactical advantage of running a site that looks premium and is void of any inadequacies.

Read on to see what we are working on right now.

Feature Significance Scale

Feature Significance Scale

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🐣 Hatching soon…

  1. ⭐⭐⭐ Trial Subscription: Trial memberships are a superb way of roping in potential members who have been on the fence for long. And of course for new users visiting your site as well who can confidently register and signup for membership knowing full well that they can simply cancel anytime before the trial ends. Once they get hooked, it’s more business for you every month. Soon you will be able to offer 1 day, 3 day, or a week-long trial before the automatic paid subscriptions would kick in.

  2. ⭐⭐⭐ Homepage showcase: This is a big one! Homepage is where users, old and new, will land on. And the rule of us humans subconsciously deciding whether we like the person or not within the first few seconds of meeting them probably applies to a website too. Which is why we don’t like the idea of having a rigid homepage that you can’t change much about. Introducing a fully customizable homepage showcase where you can select which sections you want to show, like recent videos, top-rated content, upcoming videos, premium content, model section, and more. Feel free to enable/disable any section or make them appear in any sequence. 

  3. ⭐⭐⭐ Enable/disable video downloads: Continuing on our quest of giving you a total control over the site, next in line is the ability to enable or disable video downloads on the site with the flick of a switch. What’s more, you ask? You can either do this site-level or for individual videos as well. Users will see a download button for videos you have enabled.

  4. ⭐⭐⭐ Video banners: Taking the ad-game one step further, you will be able to list video banners on the site. With sound. When done right with the right kind of ads that your site users may find useful, ad banners really have the power to add to a user experience rather than take away from it. We trust you will use this power well :)

  5. ⭐⭐⭐ Hover for preview: We know us humans are one indecisive bunch of species. Having tens of thousands of videos at our disposal has surprisingly not helped us come to a decision any quicker. If anything, it may have made it worse. Which is why you want your site users to be able to check for themselves if they will like a content without going in a page. It’s simple really - If users can find content of their liking faster, they will want to come back again. With the hover-for-preview coming soon, they can quickly find content of their liking. Will work for mobile users too using click-and-hold for preview.

  6. ⭐⭐ Resize video grid: The grid of videos can soon be set to one of three sizes - Less, More, Most., with reducing size of thumbnails.

  7. ⭐⭐ User verification email template: Admin will have control over the content of the email that goes to users during email verification at signup. Just edit as required from the admin panel.

🐤 Released

Below are just the cream of the crop. To check out full Release Notes, go here.

  • Banner Slide Speed: Tweak the swiping speed of the banners (v3.0.9, Feb '22)

  • Favorite galleries: Mark favorites and access easily (v3.0.9, Feb '22)

  • Amazon S3 Integration: Integrated Amazon S3 support (v3.0.9, Feb '22)

  • Model rating system: Discover top-rated models with ease (v3.0.9, Feb '22)

  • Resend Email Verification: Resend verification emails after signing up (v3.0.9, Feb '22)

  • Email verification for new registrations: Turn on/off email verification for new users (v3.0.7, Nov '21)

  • Terms and Conditions check during signup: View T&C during registration (v3.0.7, Nov '21)

  • Change currency: Set the pricing currency (v3.0.6, Oct '21)

  • Gallery bulk upload: Save time, upload photos in bulk (v3.0.6, Oct '21)

  • FTP uploads: Faster, reliable, and a hassle-free way of uploading videos (v3.0.5, Sep '21)

  • Avatar for new users: Set dazzling Avatars (v3.0.4, Aug '21)

  • PPV Videos: Sell videos for a premium as well as for free (v3.0.2, Jun '21)