xCams v3.0.5

v3.0.5 Release Notes / Aug '21


From bugs that affect function to minor improvements that go a long way in delivering impeccable user experience, this version has got it all.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Changing model status from Studio panel: When a studio changed the status of a model account, the status of other models under the studio account also used to change. This stands corrected now.

  2. Blank studio list on admin end: When viewing the list of studios, admin needed to refresh the otherwise blank page. The root cause of this issue has been identified and fixed.

  3. Download link for digital product purchases: The link for downloading digital products sent on email was broken. This is now fixed.

  4. Stock number for digital items?: Digital product listings were also asking for stock quantity. This is not corrected.

  5. Incorrect model list on studio end: Studios were being shown incorrect models list in their dashboard instead of the actual models performing under them. This issue is sorted now.

  6. Group chat audio issue for models: Resolved the issue of models not being able to hear the users in case of group chats. 

  7. Product update page for models: When models tried to update a product they have listed, it used to go to the homepage instead. This is corrected now.

  8. Unable to view live stream on mobile: Users could only see a black screen when viewing livestream on mobile devices. We have fixed this now.

  9. Unable to accept incoming private show requests: Fixed the issue of models being unable to accept private shows after the last release.

  10. Purchased galleries show 404 error: On the user end, the purchased galleries page returned 404. This stands rectified now.

  11. Uploading documents: Models were not able to upload their ID documents. This is resolved now.

  12. Payment confirmation: The payment log on the user end had missing entries for successful transactions. We have added this back now.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Redirect to model profile when group chat is closed: When a performer exits a group call, users were previously redirected to the homepage. Now, they will land on the same model’s profile in such cases.

✨ What’s improved?

  1. User actions for 18+ popup: The user action buttons available for the age disclaimer popup have been renamed from Go and Cancel to I’m at least 18 years of age and Take me back.

  2. Comma and  decimals interchanged: The model earnings pages had commas in place of decimals, and vice versa. These have been interchanged now.

  3. Dashboard analytics: The active and inactive performer logic in the analytics page has been changed.

📏 UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. Auto-scrolling live show on mobile: The live show window used to auto-scroll to the bottom when viewing on mobile screens after the last update. This is not fixed.

  2. The download button for digital product purchases: The download button for digital product purchases at user end inside the orders page was miniscule. This has been made bigger now.

  3. Chat window glitches: Some design glitches in the chat window for mobile users have been ironed out.

🔨 The little things…

  1. More than a few error popup messages have been improved for better readability and understanding.

  2. Some spelling corrections in the admin panel pages have been fixed.

  3. A stray, non-functional banner option present in the admin panel has been removed.