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The multi-billion dollar cam industry is a leading faction of the adult entertainment businesses of today. When you step into this world, you need a site that is clean, holds its own, and has all the possible revenue channels for maximizing performer’s earnings and, by extension, yours.

Hence, we are constantly working to ensure the cams turnkey script you buy from us get is the best available anywhere. Read on to find out what’s in the oven right now.

Feature Significance Scale

Feature Significance Scale

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⭐ Feature Improvement

🐣 Hatching soon…

  • ⭐⭐⭐ Account Deactivation: We know some users and performers may wish to have their account closed. Now they will be able to have their accounts deactivated from their dashboards. They will need to confirm deactivation request by entering the OTP sent to their email.

  • ⭐⭐ Disable private messaging: If they do not wish to connect on private messages, Performers will have the option to turn off the private messaging so they concentrate their efforts elsewhere and not have to worry about messages not replied to.

  • ⭐⭐⭐ Live Chat Profanity Censor: Let’s be honest. We all know users can sometimes get carried away on livestreams. We don’t want this to affect the decorum of the livestreams to ensure a fun experience for other users. The least we can do to curtail this is a profanity filter. Words and phrases which may be deemed unpleasant will get redacted. But we understand that certain words may not be said in a derogatory context but may have been written only in the right spirit, like “f***” for instance. Hence, such words will not be masked. But other words which may be derogatory remarks to others or the performer, may still be masked, like “m*****f*****”. Moreover, the site admin will have the option to turn this on/off, as well as maintain the list of words and phrases.

  • ⭐⭐⭐ Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: To give an exceptional viewing experience for users, streams will soon support adaptive streaming, where depending on the bandwidth capabilities of the user, the video quality will vary. This will get adjusted throughout the time viewer is watching the stream to improve or reduce the stream quality. Of course, viewer will still be able to lock the stream resolution so that this is turned off for that stream.

  • ⭐⭐ Login redirection after Email Verification: When clicking on the link received to verify email, users will be redirected to their respective login pages depending on their user types, i.e. user, performer, or studio.

🐤 Released

Below are just the cream of the crop. To check out full Release Notes, go here.

  • Commission Logic and Settings: Revamped algorithm and controls (v3.1, Jun '22)

  • New Earnings Page: Clean, well-defined database and stats (v3.1, Jun '22)

  • Contact page: Front end contact page to message site admin (v3.0.9, Dec '21)

  • reCAPTCHA integration: A small step to fight automated bot attacks (v3.0.7, Oct '21)

  • Model Live Streaming controls: Full-screen and theatre mode toggles (v3.0.7, Oct '21)

  • Mic toggle during streams: On-screen mic toggle button (v3.0.4, Jul '21)

  • Email template: Admin can edit email templates for different use cases (v3.0.3, Jun '21)

  • Preview for private request: Models can preview user video before accepting (v3.0.7, Oct '21)

  • Resend verification email: Resend verification email after registration (v3.0.2, May '21)

  • Replace the term “Model” on site to Performers, Cam Girls, or anything at all (v3.0.2, May '21)

  • Enable/Disable Email verification: Turn on or off email verification (v3.0.2, May '21)

  • Maintenance mode: Put the site in maintenance mode (v3.0.2, May '21)

  • Status Indicator on Model Tile: Online/offline, private, or group chat (v3.0.2, May '21)

  • Google Analytics: Leverage the analytical prowess offered by Google (v3.0.2, May '21)

  • Age Disclaimer: 18+ popup age disclaimer for every new session (v3.0.2, May '21)

  • Group Chat: Models and fans can connect on Group Chats as well (v3.0.1, Apr '21)

  • Dashboard Analytics: View several operational metrics (v3.0.1, Apr '21)

  • Switch Streaming Technology: Choose HLS or WebRTC streaming options (v3.0.1, Apr '21)