xCams v3.0.7

v3.0.7 Release Notes / Oct '21

The latest release of xCams brings with it a series of feature enhancements, bug fixes, and an overall improved user experience.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. reCAPTCHA integration: Experience increased security against spam attacks by bots. With the integration of reCAPTCHA, your website will be less vulnerable to automated account creations and web requests that may increase the load or potentially cripple the server. This is embedded into both Register as well as sign-in pages (user, model and studio). As the Administrator, you have the option to enable/disable this with the flick of a switch.

  2. Model Live Streaming controls: Added full-screen and theater mode toggle. Also, there is a Picture-in-Picture option allowing users to switch to different windows and apps while also being able to view the stream pinned to a corner of the screen.

  3. Accepting private call request: Other than the notification panel, Models can now also accept any private call request by clicking on the (briefly-appearing) popup notification.

  4. Usernames in Group chat: Usernames can be now seen corresponding to each message in Group chats.

  5. Filter model-specific payout requests: Admin can now search for payout requests by a specific model using the new filter (This is in addition to the existing payout status and start and end date filters).

  6. URL for user email redirection: Set the URL for using in any communication emails to the users.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Alignment in Private chat: Speech bubble alignment in private chats, which was moving to the left-end of the chat window after a few minutes, has now been fixed.

  2. Model complete amount payout request: Models were unable to request payout for the total balance in their account. This is fixed now.

  3. Negative token balance for Users: Admin was able to modify User token balance into negative. The lower possible limit has now been set to zero tokens.

  4. Earnings page navigation: The jump-to-page dropdown used for navigating Earnings page has been fixed.

  5. Default tip amount: The default tipping amount was 1 token although 20 tokens are selected as default. This has been set to 20 now. (User can still change tipping amount as low as 1 token)

  6. Group chat issues:Β 

    1. During the group chat session, messages were not appearing at the user-end unless the page was refreshed. This has been fixed.

    2. After the previous release, the user tab stopped showing users who have joined the group session.Β 

  7. Purchased gallery inaccessible: Fixed gallery access issue that users faced at times.

  8. Additional tipping buttons: Redundant buttons removed from live, private and group chats.

  9. HTML Editor Error at Admin end: The 404 error faced when uploading any media content in the HTML editor has been resolved. Media content can now be uploaded to sections like Static pages, Email templates, and footer content.

  10. Footer Menu ordering: Numbering fixed for setting the order for homepage footer menu

  11. Mute/unmute during group chat: Mute/unmute option for group chat has been fixed.

  12. Delivery status for Orders: The Delivery status column under Orders was empty. Current statuses: Processing/Shipping/Delivered/Refunded for physical orders and Created for token purchase orders.

  13. Favorite button for already favorited models: The favorite button was not updating for already favorited models. This will instead now show an option to unlike if the particular model was already added to the favorite list.

  14. Favicon flickering issue has been sorted.

  15. Token packages name and description made visible.

πŸ“ UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. Auto scroll-down to chat window (mobile UX): After clicking on Send message on a model page, the window will scroll down automatically to the chat window.

  2. Player controls and elements (mobile UI): Play/pause button resized and black borders removed around PIP (picture-in-picture).

πŸ”¨ The little things…

  1. Rephrasing of title and instructions in user sign-in page

  2. Model broadcast buttons rephrased to Start broadcasting and Stop broadcasting.