Server & Software Requirements - xChat

Server Requirements

xChat supports all platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux.

xChat needs a VPS server with at least:

  • 2GB of RAM - recommend 4GB

  • 40GB of HDD

  • 1 CPU core - recommend 2 cores at least

  • 3 domains / sub domains

    • api.[your-domain] and point to server IP address

    • admin.[your-domain] and point to server IP address

    • [your-domain] and point to server IP address

Software Requirements

  • NodeJS v14.x - To install please download NodeJS here

  • MongoDB v3.6 - To install please download mongoDB

  • Redis server v2.8 - To install please download and setup Redis


  • Graphicsmagick

  • Nginx v1.3

  • PM2 is a daemon process manager that will help you manage and keep your application online 24/7

  • Yarn or npm to manage nodeJS package

  • Typescript 4.2.3 or higher

    • To install run npm install typscript@latest