xCams v3.0.9

v3.0.9 Release Notes / Dec '21

This list may have a small stature, but the changes it brings to the table isn’t. We’ve added a little bundle of logical changes to the script. Things that we could probably live with, but are better when fixed - it’s all taken care of.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Contact page: A spanking new contact page has been added where both models and site users can contact the admin from. This will need them to enter their name and contact email and the concern, after which an email gets sent to the mailbox setup by the admin in the control panel. 

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. User password reset from backend: Existing password field was accepting random entries when resetting user password from the admin panel. This has been set straight now.

  2. Error message before admin approval: After registration, when a model profile is being vetted by admin, if the model tries to login the error message that shows up has been rephrased for accuracy.

  3. Live token updates: At the models end, the accumulated token counter at the top bar would need  page refresh to show the latest count. This has been tweaked to update in real time.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Control panel options: The menu options in the admin control panel have been rephrased for improving clarity.

  2. Categories in multiple columns: The categories on the top menu used to show up in a one single long column. For a better reach, it has been split into four.

  3. Payout request shortcut: Apart from under the profile settings, models can now reach the payout request page by simply clicking the token button at the top menu bar that displays the earned tokens.

  4. Enter new password twice: Admin will need to enter the new password twice when resetting his own password. This will help in avoiding getting locked out of the account due to mistypes.