xCams v3.0.8

v3.0.8 Release Notes / Nov '21

In our constant endeavor to polish an upgrade xCams, we have a small bucketful of fixes and features in this release. Read on to find more.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Revamped Admin, Model and Studio earnings page: All things said and done, the revenue/earnings is the bottom line for any business. That is why we wanted to keep the Earnings log as simple and transparent as possible for all entities of the platform. The earnings page for admin, model and studio have been simplified for easy understanding. Data hasn’t been added, as much as ironed out, re-ordered and displayed more sensibly now. Apart from the bare essentials, like reference, user, model, token quantity, and date, you will find conversion rate, studio/model commission, and payout status.

  2. Toast notification when model exits the stream: We have added a toast notification when a model exits a room.

  3. Error message when uploading videos: When a model uploads a video with size greater than the accepted limit, an error message will now advise on this.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Thumbnail for purchased videos: Thumbnails for some of the purchased videos were not being displayed. This is fixed now.

  2. Commas and decimals in token value interchanged: Earlier, token quantities were appearing with commas and decimals interchanged. This has been corrected. 

  3. Private chat-related fixes: The streaming had an elongated aspect ratio before. It looks proper now. Also, when the user popped out the mini-window, the black placeholder remained in its place in the main window. We have pried this out now so there is no such empty lack region obscuring your stream.

  4. Chat window horizontal scrolling: When there is a long user message involved, the corresponding chat bubble did not wrap the text and instead was running off horizontally creating a horizontal scroll. This has been corrected by letting such chat messages auto-wrap its content. 

  5. Region of chat window: The conversation window was only covering the top half of its region making it difficult to read messages with ease. After this release, it uses the full allocated region.

  6. Model profile image: The model profile image as seen in the profile settings had some overlapping text and other elements of the page. We got our broom to clean the area up and have properly aligned things with the help of a ruler this time.

  7. Missing older chat messages: When scrolling higher up the chat window, older messages weren’t loading. This is fixed now.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Long message previews: When the last message (or the last unread message) is long, the preview shown next to each user has been cut short with ellipsis at the end, to keep it looking clean.

  2. Tipping offline models: Users won’t be able to tip offline models anymore.

🔨 The little things…

  1. The error message seen when a user tries to join a group chat conversation when the model is not actually on one, has been changed for better clarity.