xFans v2.1.4

v2.1.4 Release Notes / Oct '21

2.1.4 brings with it a bouquet of crucial fixes and improvements.

🌟 What’s new?

  1. Manual Payout Requests: Apart from the automated split payment option, models can now also request manual payouts from the admin. This can be done from their dashboard and selecting the date range for earnings.

  2. Verotel: Added a second payment gateway method - Verotel. Admin can now set up a Verotel account and configure it under the payment settings page so site users can use this as an alternate payment gateway to the existing CCBill method of payment.

🐞 What’s fixed?

  1. Liking a comment: Users were unable to like comments. This has been rectified now.

  2. The ‘Go shopping again’ button: After making a successful purchase, the ‘Go shopping again’ button that appeared was broken and didn’t lead anywhere. It has been fixed now.

  3. Teaser tile: The teaser image in the video player (in cases where there wasn’t a teaser uploaded) didn’t stretch to fit and instead appeared in a tiled fashion. This is corrected now.

  4. Duplicate chats in mobile: Chats used to get duplicated at times when on mobile. The clones have been terminated now.

  5. Difficulty in listing digital products: From the admin panel, there were issues uploading digital products. This has since been corrected.

  6. Viewing gallery images: Some gallery images just wouldn’t open. We took a pry bar to it. Now they all work fine.

  7. No user avatar next to comments: User avatars weren’t showing up on comments. Fixed now.

  8. Video upload related errors in admin panel: There were a few corrections made in admin panel when uploading videos, like cursor visibility, not being able to tag participants, or view thumbnail, the status error, and also changed the price font color from red to black.

  9. Unable to open images in chat: Users and models were unable to open photos in the chat box. This is fixed now.

  10. Missing video uploads in admin panel: Some of the uploaded videos would go missing from the admin panel. This has been rectified now.

  11. Activate/deactivate coupons: Admin was unable to activate or deactivate coupons. This is set straight now.

  12. Missing search box in menu page: In the admin panel, search text box was missing in the menus page. This has been brought back now.

  13. Unable to add to cart: After the last release, users were unable to add items to cart. This functionality has been restored now.

  14. Gallery, store and product navigation on model dashboard: The page navigation on model panel for the aforementioned pages were not active. This is fixed now.

  15. Model page navigation on frontend: Page navigation was not working. It is fixed now.

✏️ What’s changed?

  1. Welcome video player size: The welcome video was taking up most of the screen real estate. The player size has been confined to only a little over half the screen size at the center of the screen.

  2. Removed like and watch later for models: The like and watch later options under videos have been removed for models.

✨ What’s improved?

  1. Drop-down for model attributes: Added attribute list and drop-down for sexual preferences.

  2. Multiple images for products: Added ability to add multiple images for store products.

  3. SEO-friendly URLs for videos, products, and galleries: All videos, galleries and product pages will now have a SEO-friendly URL.

📏 UI, UX, and Design Enhancements

  1. Smiley chest: The smiley toolbox that is accessed by clicking on the smiley icon on the keyboard in the chat window appears from the top instead of the next to the text area. This has changed now.

  2. Model bio design on mobile: The model profile page when viewed on mobile device didn’t look quite right. We made it look nice now.

  3. Run-off model bio: A longer model bio would run off instead of wrapping text in the mobile view. This has been remedied now.

  4. Border for chat window: Added the missing bottom border for chat window.

  5. Run-on first name into model banner: A longer first name would invade the banner area. This is corrected so it appears only right after the banner.

  6. Go-to-top button placement: In the admin panel, the go-to-top button would overlap with the submit button when scrolling down on a few pages. This has been moved up so it doesn’t look wonky anymore.

  7. Cursor placement in block country option: The cursor started with some offset inside the country box in the block option at model end. This is realigned correctly now.

  8. Video thumbnail clickable area: The areas adjacent to the title on either side of the thumbnail can also be clicked on now to open the said video.

🔨 The little things…

  1. The Let’s go shopping text, that appears in the shopping cart page when it is empty, has been linked so that it lands on the homepage now.

  2. On the model earnings page, the headers of the gross and net columns were interchanged. They have been put back in their right places now.

  3. On the existing subscriptions page in the admin panel, fixed spelling errors on some column headers.

  4. Column header typos in the Block countries page in the admin panel.

  5. The confirmation message seen as a toast notification when unblocking a user has been changed for correctness.

  6. The search box design was awry in mobile. We have made it look “non-awry” now :)

  7. Removed the draft option when selecting status dropdown while uploading photos from the admin panel, leaving only active and inactive options present.

  8. Notification texts seen when submitting a comment on model gallery and seen when creating a new performer from the admin panel have been rephrased for clarity.

  9. Spelling errors fixed for the Coupon menu and coupon settings in the admin panel.